Approaches to endocrinopathic laminitis in the field: Results of a survey of veterinary practitioners in North America

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Endocrinopathic laminitis is the most common cause of laminitis in the field. Insulin has recently been implicated as a key factor in development of endocrinopathic laminitis; however, it is unclear whether diagnostic, and treatment approaches reflect insights derived from recent research. This study sought to evaluate North American veterinary practitioners' approach to endocrinopathic laminitis in the field. Demographic information, approach to diagnosis, management, and prognosis of endocrinopathic laminitis, as well as factors influencing changes in approach to laminitis were collected. To compare regional differences in approach to laminitis, results were compared to a recently published study from the United Kingdom. Findings of the present study suggest that North American practitioners have changed their approach to laminitis to more readily incorporate diagnostic testing for endocrine disease.

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Journal of equine veterinary science

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