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This recital is given in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Doctor of Musical Arts degree. Kyle is from the Studio of Dr. Brett William Dietz.

Louisiana State University School of Music.


Strike, Swinging, David Stock (1939-2015)

Reflections on the Nature of Water, Jacob Druckman (1928-1996)
I. Crystalline
II. Fleet
IV. Gently Swelling
VI. Relentless

Quarimba, Stanley Leonard (b. 1931)

  • Brett Dietz, marimba
  • Gustavo Miranda, marimba
  • Eric Scherer, marimba

Continuum, Stanley Leonard

  • Brett Dietz, percussion

Rhythmix, Stanley Leonard

  • Kevin McCabe, percussion
  • Brandon Ronkartz, percussion
  • Sheldon Shannon, percussion
  • Thomas Vercher, percussion

2017-02-10 Kyle Cherwinski 01-Stock.mp3 (5459 kB)
Strike, Swinging

2017-02-10 Kyle Cherwinski 02-Druckman I.mp3 (3547 kB)
Reflections on the Nature of Water, I. Crystalline

2017-02-10 Kyle Cherwinski 03-Druckman II.mp3 (1936 kB)
Reflections on the Nature of Water, II. Fleet

2017-02-10 Kyle Cherwinski 04-Druckman IV.mp3 (2281 kB)
Reflections on the Nature of Water, IV. Gently Swelling

2017-02-10 Kyle Cherwinski 05-Druckman VI.mp3 (2950 kB)
Reflections on the Nature of Water, VI. Relentless

2017-02-10 Kyle Cherwinski 06-Leonard Quarimba.mp3 (5767 kB)

2017-02-10 Kyle Cherwinski 07-Leonard Continuum.mp3 (6696 kB)

2017-02-10 Kyle Cherwinski 08-Leonard Rhythmix.mp3 (8566 kB)