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Geographic Analysis of Alcohol-Related Crashes in Nine High-Need Louisiana Parishes
Aimee H. Moles, Austin L. Matthews, John K. Aggrey, and Leanna B. Cupit


Alzheimer's aggression: influences on caregiver coping and resilience
Scott E. Wilks, Kristina G. Little, Heather R. Gough, and Wanda J. Spurlock


Burden among male Alzheimer's caregivers: effects of distinct coping strategies
Jennifer R. Geiger, Scott E. Wilks, Lauren L. Lovelace, Zibei Chen, and Christina A. Spivey


Gerontological Competencies among MSW Students: Evaluation of a Gerontology Specialization Program
Scott E. Wilks, Daphne S. Cain, Kellie B. Reed-Ashcraft, and Jen Geiger


Support groups for Alzheimer's caregivers: Creating our own space in uncertain times
Gaynell M. Simpson, Kim Stansbury, Scott E. Wilks, Tracy Pressley, Michael Parker, and Graham J. McDougall


Examining spiritual support among African American and Caucasian Alzheimer's caregivers: A risk and resilience study
Scott E. Wilks, Wanda R. Spurlock, Sandra C. Brown, Bettina C. Teegen, and Jennifer R. Geiger


Montessori-Based Activities Among Persons with Late-Stage Dementia: Evaluation of Mental and Behavioral Health Outcomes
Scott E. Wilks, P August Boyd, Samantha M. Bates, Daphne S. Cain, and Jennifer R. Geiger


Incentivizing Fruit and Vegetable Purchasers at Fresh Markets in Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans
Rashida Ferdinand, Rosamar Torres, Jennifer Scott, Imran Saeed, and Richard Scribner


Social Workers Must Stand Up for Immigrant Rights: Strategies for Action
Nalini Junko Negi, Benjamin Roth, Mary Lehman Held, Jennifer Scott, and Javier Boyas


Structural racism in the built environment: Segregation and the overconcentration of alcohol outlets
Jennifer Scott, Denise Danos, Robert Collins, Neal Simonsen, Claudia Leonardi, and Richard Scribner


Place, Race, and Case: Examining Racialized Economic Segregation and COVID-19 in Louisiana
Jennifer L. Scott, Natasha M. Lee-Johnson, and Denise Danos

*Updated as of 02/07/23.