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Real-Time Work Zone Traffic Management via Unmanned Air Vehicles
Charles Malveaux Ph.D, Marcio de Queiroz Ph.D, Xin Li Ph.D, Hanny Hassan Ph.D, and Zewei He Ph.D


Lysozyme folded in silico according to the limited conformational sub-space
W. Jurkowski, M. Bryliński, L. Konieczny, and I. Roterman


Limited conformational space for early-stage protein folding simulation
M. Bryliński, W. Jurkowski, L. Konieczny, and I. Roterman


Conformational Subspace in Simulation of Early-Stage Protein Folding
Wiktor Jurkowski, Michał Brylinski, Leszek Konieczny, Zdzisław Wiíniowski, and Irena Roterman


Early-stage folding in proteins (in silico) sequence-to-structure relation
Michal Brylinski, Leszek Konieczny, Patryk Czerwonko, Wiktor Jurkowski, and Irena Roterman


SPI - Structure predictability index for protein sequences
Michal Brylinski, Leszek Konieczny, and Irena Roterman


Gauss-function-based model of hydrophobicity density in proteins
Leszek Konieczny, Michal Brylinski, and Irena Roterman


A tabular approach to the sequence-to-structure relation in proteins (tetrapeptide representation) for de novo protein design
Jan Meus, Michał Brylinski, Monika Piwowar, Piotr Piwowar, Zdzisław Wiśniowski, Justyna Stefaniak, Leszek Konieczny, Grzegorz Surówka, and Irena Roterman


Hydrophobic collapse in (in silico) protein folding
Michal Brylinski, Leszek Konieczny, and Irena Roterman


Is the protein folding an aim-oriented process? Human haemoglobin as example
Michal Brylinski, Leszek Konieczny, and Irena Roterman


Prediction of functional sites based on the fuzzy oil drop model
Michał Bryliński, Katarzyna Prymula, Wiktor Jurkowski, Marek Kochańczyk, Ewa Stawowczyk, Leszek Konieczny, and Irena Roterman


Localization of ligand binding site in proteins identified in silico
M. Michal Brylinski, Marek Kochanczyk, Elzbieta Broniatowska, and Irena Roterman


Conservative secondary structure motifs already present in early-stage folding (in silico) as found in serpines family
Michal Brylinski, Leszek Konieczny, Andrzej Kononowicz, and Irena Roterman

*Updated as of 11/29/20.