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Development of Practical and Cost-Effective Ultra-High-Performance Engineered Cementitious Composites Using Natural Sand and No Silica Fume
Daniel Game, Gabriel Arce, Marwa M. Hassan, Hassan Noorvand, Sujata Subedi, and Tyson Rupnow


Evaluation of Alternative Sources of Supplementary Cementitious Materials for Concrete Materials
Sujata Subedi, Gabriel A. Arce, Marwa M. Hassan, Oscar Huang, Miladin Radovic, and Zahid Hossain


Wei Li, Karl-Mikael Perfekt, and Stephen P. Shipman


Whole mount in situ immunofluorescent hybridization of diatoms
H. Allaway, V. Lloyd, and I. Kaczmarska


International systems, missions and programs to support 21st century carbon cycle monitoring requirements
B.C. Ai, H. Allaway, F.M. Asrar, L. Bo, M. Parra Borderías, G.A. Byberg, C. Davies, E. Delvoye, U. Garcia Feijoo, G. Genaro, C. Vernich Gimeno, E. Greenberg, J.-W. Haidt, T. Harada, R. Harris, O.N. John, A. Kindrat, R. Levi, D. Lovett, R. McAvinia, G. McMurray, M. Meisnar, K. Miljković, D. Ribas Nieto, M.E. Rocha De Oliveira, K. Ovtcharov, F. França Santos, S. Saraf, A. Sasaki, J.W. Schroeder, K. Sinclair, J. Sun, and M. Vergalla


Long-duration spaceflight increases depth ambiguity of reversible perspective figures
G. Clément, H.C.M. Allaway, M. Demel, A. Golemis, A.N. Kindrat, A.N. Melinyshyn, T. Merali, and R. Thirsk


Current and past menstrual status is an important determinant of femoral neck geometry in exercising women
R.J. Mallinson, N.I. Williams, J.C. Gibbs, K. Koehler, H.C.M. Allaway, E. Southmayd, and M.J. De Souza


Low resting metabolic rate in exercise-associated amenorrhea is not due to a reduced proportion of highly active metabolic tissue compartments
K. Koehler, N.I. Williams, R.J. Mallinson, E.A. Southmayd, H.C.M. Allaway, and M.J. de Souza


‘Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!’: Sport as a site for political activism and social change
Kwame J. A. Agyemang, John N. Singer, and Anthony J. Weems


Sport management and business schools: A growing partnership in a changing higher education environment
Chad Seifried, Kwame J.A. Agyemang, Nefertiti Walker, and Brian Soebbing


The role of the Planck scale in black hole radiance
I. Agulló, J. Navarro-Salas, G.J. Olmo, and L. Parker


Hawking radiation in the presence of an invariant planck-scale cutoff
I. Agulĺo, J. Navarro-Salas, G.J. Olmo, and L. Parker

*Updated as of 05/17/22.