A High Sensitivity Gamma Ray Imager (HiSGRI) based on wavelength-shifting fiber readout of LaBr3 scintillators

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Cerium-doped lanthanum bromide offers increased light yield and peak emission at shorter wavelengths compared to standard inorganic scintillators such as NaI or CsI. As a result, lanthanum bromide scintillators can be used as the basis of large scale hard x-ray/gamma ray imaging systems. By coupling a Ce:LaBr3 scintillator with orthogonal layers of wavelength-shifting fibers viewed by multianode photomultiplier tubes to provide x-y position together with an Anger camera array of large area photomultiplier tubes to measure energy, a detector can be constructed with millimeter-scale position resolution and energy resolution only somewhat less than that obtained with bulk scintillators. We present measurements of the light yields and position resolution achievable with such a system. © 2006 IEEE.

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IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record

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