Investigation of the23Na(p, γ)24Mg and 23Na(p, α)20Ne reactions via (3He,d) spectroscopy

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States near the 23Na+p threshold in 24Mg were investigated using the 23Na(3He,d)24Mg reaction over the angular range of 5° ≤ θlab ≤ 35° at E(3He)=20 MeV. Spectroscopic factors were extracted for states corresponding to resonances in the 23Na(p, γ) 24Mg and 23Na(p, α)20Ne reactions. We find that one state, corresponding to a previously unobserved resonance at Ec.m.= 138 keV, may make a significant contribution to the rates of both reactions at low temperatures. Another state, corresponding to a possible resonance at Ec.m.=37 keV may make a small contribution to the 23Na(p, α)20Ne reaction. New rates for the 23Na(p, γ)24Mg and 23Na(p, α) 20Ne reactions are presented and the astrophysical implications are discussed.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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