Studies of neutron-rich nuclei with (d,p) reactions in inverse kinematics at the HRIBF

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Two N=51 isotones have been measured using (d,p) reactions in inverse kinematics at the Holifield Radioactive Beam Facility (HRIBF) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Additionally, we have performed a test measurement using a stable 124Sn beam in preparation for measurements of the 2H( 130,132Sn,p) 131,133Sn reactions. Preliminary results for 83Ge and 85Se suggest a 5/2 + ground state and a 1/2 + first excited state for both isotopes, in agreement with systematics for the N=51 isotones. The excitation energy of the first excited state is shown to drop as the proton number is reduced. Proton angular distributions following the 2H( 124Sn,p) 125Sn reaction show sensitivity to the l-value of the transfered nucleon and spectroscopic factors are in agreement with previous measurements in normal kinematics. © 2005 American Institute of Physics.

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