Spectroscopic study of Ne 20 +p reactions using the JENSA gas-jet target to constrain the astrophysical F 18 (p,α) O 15 rate

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The Jet Experiments in Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics (JENSA) gas-jet target was used to perform spectroscopic studies of Ne20+p reactions. Levels in Ne19 were probed via the Ne20(p,d)Ne19 reaction to constrain the astrophysical rate of the F18(p,α)O15 reaction. Additionally, the first spectroscopic study of the Ne20(p,He3)F18 reaction was performed. Angular distribution data were used to determine or confirm the spins of several previously observed levels, and the existence of a strong subthreshold F18(p,α)O15 resonance was verified.

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Physical Review C

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