Alpha particle spectroscopic strengths for levels populated in the 20,21,22Ne(6Li, d)24,25,26Mg reactions

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The 20,21,22Ne(6Li, d)24,25,26Mg reactions have been studied at a bombarding energy of 32 MeV. Alpha particle spectroscopic strengths have been extracted for several low-lying levels by a finite-range distorted wave analysis. These are compared with theoretical predictions. The agreement is good both for relative strengths to different levels within a nucleus and for ground-state strengths relative to the 16O(6Li, d) result. Strengths calculated using eigen-functions determined in large shell-model computations agree well with pure symmetry SU(3) predictions. The 21Ne(6Li, d) angular distributions for transitions to the ground-state band of 25Mg are characterized by the lower of the two L-transfers allowed for populating each level. For the 3+(5.24 MeV) unnatural parity level in 24Mg, a two-step calculation gives a better account of the data than does a compound nuclear calculation. © 1977.

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Nuclear Physics, Section A

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