Mass measurements of Mg22 and Si26 via the Mg24(p,t)Mg22 and Si28(p,t)Si26 reactions

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Using a 33 MeV proton beam with our Enge split-pole spectrograph, we measured the Q0 values of the Mg24(p,t)Mg22 and Si28(p,t)Si26 reactions relative to that of the O16(p,t)O14 reaction. Data were obtained at scattering angles of 15° and 25°. Based on the masses of Mg24, Si28, O16, 14O,p, and t, we determined the mass excesses of Mg22 and Si26 to be -400.5(1.0) and -7139.5(1.0) keV, respectively. Our result for the mass of Mg22 is in excellent agreement with recent high-precision measurements. © 2005 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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