Submissions from 2015

Cyst-motile stage relationship, morphology, ultrastructure, and molecular phylogeny of the gymnodinioid dinoflagellate Barrufeta resplendens comb. nov., formerly known as Gyrodinium resplendens, isolated from the Gulf of Mexico, H. Gu, Z. Luo, K.N. Mertens, A.M. Price, R.E. Turner, and N.N. Rabalais

Hydrological connectivity in river deltas: The first-order importance of channel-island exchange, Matthew Hiatt and Paola Passalacqua

Seasonal variation of colored dissolved organic matter in barataria bay, Louisiana, using combined landsat and field data, I. Joshi and E.J. D'Sa

Controls on methylmercury accumulation in northern Gulf of Mexico sediments, B. Liu, L.A. Schaider, R.P. Mason, J.P. Shine, N.N. Rabalais, and D.B. Senn


Effects OF Oil-Contaminated Sediments On Submerged Vegetation: An Experimental Assessment Of Ruppia Maritima, Charles W. Martin, Lauris O. Hollis, and R. Eugene Turner

Bering Sea optical and biological properties from MODIS, P. Naik, M. Wang, E.J. D'Sa, and C.W. Mordy


Phytoplankton And The Macondo Oil Spill: A Comparison Of The 2010 Phytoplankton Assemblage To Baseline Conditions On The Louisiana Shelf, M L. Parsons, W Morrison, N N. Rabalais, R. Eugene Turner, and M L. Parsons

Human impacts on fisheries across the land-sea interface, N.N. Rabalais

Submissions from 2014

Ontogenetic niche expansion influences mercury exposure in the Antarctic silverfish Pleuragramma antarcticum, R.L. Brasso, J. Lang, C.D. Jones, and M.J. Polito

Multi-tissue analyses reveal limited inter-annual and seasonal variation in mercury exposure in an Antarctic penguin community, R.L. Brasso, M.J. Polito, and S.D. Emslie

Colored dissolved organic matter dynamics in the Northern Gulf of Mexico from ocean color and numerical model results, N. Chaichitehrani, E.J. D'Sa, D.S. Ko, N.D. Walker, C.L. Osburn, and R.F. Chen

A reversal of fortunes: Climate change 'winners' and 'losers' in Antarctic Peninsula penguins, G.V. Clucas, M.J. Dunn, G. Dyke, S.D. Emslie, R. Naveen, M.J. Polito, O.G. Pybus, A.D. Rogers, and T. Hart

Assessment of chlorophyll variability along the Louisiana coast using multi-satellite data, E.J. D'Sa

Absorption and fluorescence properties of chromophoric dissolved organic matter of the eastern Bering Sea in the summer with special reference to the influence of a cold pool, E.J. D'sa, J.I. Goes, H. Gomes, and C. Mouw

Ornithogenic soils and the paleoecology of pygoscelid penguins in Antarctica, S.D. Emslie, M.J. Polito, R. Brasso, W.P. Patterson, and L. Sun


Carbon Dynamics On The Louisiana Continental Shelf And Cross-Shelf Feeding Of Hypoxia, Brian Fry, Dubravko Justic, Philip Riekenberg, Erick M. Swenson, R. Eugene Turner, Lixia Wang, Lora Pride, Nancy N. Rabalais, Janis C. Kurtz, John C. Lehrter, et al.

Fluorescence, pigment and microscopic characterization of Bering Sea phytoplankton community structure and photosynthetic competency in the presence of a Cold Pool during summer, J.I. Goes, H.D.R. Gomes, E.M. Haugen, K.T. McKee, E.J. D'Sa, A.M. Chekalyuk, D.K. Stoecker, P.J. Stabeno, S.-I. Saitoh, and R.N. Sambrotto


Luminate: Linking Agricultural Land Use, Local Water Quality And Gulf Of Mexico Hypoxia, C L. Kling, Y Panagopoulos, S S. Rabotyagov, A M. Valcu, C L. Kling, T Campbell, M J. White, J G. Arnold, R Srinivasan, M K. Jha, et al.

Responses of high-elevation herbaceous plant assemblages to low glacial CO2 concentrations revealed by fossil marmot (Marmota) teeth, B.S. McLean, J.K. Ward, M.J. Polito, and S.D. Emslie

Assessing early looks at biological responses to the macondo event, N. Rabalais


Eutrophication-Driven Deoxygenation In The Coastal Ocean, N N. Rabalais, W J. Cai, J Carstensen, D J. Conley, N N. Rabalais, X P. Hu, Z Quinones-Rivera, R Rosenberg, C P. Slomp, R. Eugene Turner, et al.


Cost-Effective Targeting Of Conservation Investments To Reduce The Northern Gulf Of Mexico Hypoxic Zone, S S. Rabotyagov, T D. Campbell, M White, J G. Arnold, S S. Rabotyagov, M L. Norfleet, C L. Kling, P W. Gassman, A Valcu, J Richardson, et al.


The Economics Of Dead Zones: Causes, Impacts, Policy Challenges, And A Model Of The Gulf Of Mexico Hypoxic Zone, S S. Rabotyagov, C. L. Kling, P. W. Gassman, Nancy N. Rabalais, and R. Euigene Turner


Discussion Of: Olea, Ra And Coleman, Jl, Jr., 2014. A Synoptic Examination Of Causes Of Land Loss In Southern Louisiana As Related To The Exploitation Of Subsurface Geological Resources. Journal Of Coastal Research, 30(5), 1025-1044., R. Eugene Turner


Distribution And Recovery Trajectory Of Macondo (Mississippi Canyon 252) Oil In Louisiana Coastal Wetlands, R. Eugene Turner, E B. Overton, B M. Meyer, M S. Miles, R E. Turner, L Hooper-Bui, A S. Engel, E M. Swenson, J M. Lee, C S. Milan, et al.


Contribution Of Tropical Cyclones To The Sediment Budget For Coastal Wetlands In Louisiana, Usa, A W. Tweel and R. Eugene Turner

Submissions from 2013

Microphytobenthos along the Louisiana continental shelf during mid-summer hypoxia, M.M. Baustian, N.N. Rabalais, W.L. Morrison, and R.E. Turner

Unique pattern of molt leads to low intraindividual variation in feather mercury concentrations in penguins, R.L. Brasso, B.E. Drummond, S.R. Borrett, A. Chiaradia, M.J. Polito, and A.R. Rey

Trophic calculations reveal the mechanism of population-level variation in mercury concentrations between marine ecosystems: Case studies of two polar seabirds, R.L. Brasso and M.J. Polito

A semi-analytical total suspended sediment retrieval model in turbid coastal waters: A case study in Changjiang River Estuary, J. Chen, E. D'Sa, T. Cui, and X. Zhang

Simple infrared techniques for measuring beach surface moisture, B.L. Edwards, S.L. Namikas, and E.J. D'Sa

Exchange of Nitrogen through an Urban Tidal Freshwater Wetland in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, A. Smyth, M. Piehler, J. V. Mead, and D. J. Velinsky

Stable isotope analysis of ancient and modern gentoo penguin egg membrane and the krill surplus hypothesis in Antarctica, S.D. Emslie, M.J. Polito, and W.P. Patterson


Effects Of Oil On The Rate And Trajectory Of Louisiana Marsh Shoreline Erosion, G McClenachan, R. Eugene Turner, and A W. Tweel

Light absorption properties of southeastern Bering Sea waters: Analysis, parameterization and implications for remote sensing, P. Naik, E.J. D'Sa, H.D.R. Gomes, J.I. Goés, and C.B. Mouw


Retrospective Analysis Of Midsummer Hypoxic Area And Volume In The Northern Gulf Of Mexico, 1985-2011, D R. Obenour, D Scavia, N N. Rabalais, R. Eugene Turner, and D R. Obenour

Stable isotopes identify an ontogenetic niche expansion in Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) from the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica, M.J. Polito, C.S. Reiss, W.Z. Trivelpiece, W.P. Patterson, and S.D. Emslie

Securing ocean benefits for society in the face of climate change, M. Ruckelshaus, S.C. Doney, H.M. Galindo, J.P. Barry, F. Chan, J.E. Duffy, C.A. English, S.D. Gaines, J.M. Grebmeier, A.B. Hollowed, et al.

Chromophoric dissolved organic matter and dissolved organic carbon from sea-viewing wide field-of-view sensor (seawifs), moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (modis) and meris sensors: Case study for the northern gulf of mexico, N.C. Tehrani, E.J. D'Sa, C.L. Osburn, T.S. Bianchi, and B.A. Schaeffer


Nitrogen And Phosphorus Phytoplankton Growth Limitation In The Northern Gulf Of Mexico, R. Eugene Turner and N N. Rabalais

Impacts of Loop Current Frontal Cyclonic Eddies and Wind Forcing on the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, N.D. Walker, C.T. Pilley, V.V. Raghunathan, E.J. D'Sa, R. Leben, N.G. Hoffmann, P.J. Brickley, P.D. Coholan, N. Sharma, H.C. Graber, et al.

A modeling study of seasonal variations of sea ice and plankton in the Bering and Chukchi Seas during 2007-2008, J. Wang, H. Hu, J. Goes, J. Miksis-Olds, C. Mouw, E. D'Sa, H. Gomes, D.R. Wang, K. Mizobata, S.-I. Saitoh, et al.


The Global Sustainability Transition: It Is More Than Changing Light Bulbs, Michael P. Weinstein, R. Eugene Turner, and Carles Ibanez

Submissions from 2012

Pattern of Mercury Allocation into Egg Components is Independent of Dietary Exposure in Gentoo Penguins, Rebecka L. Brasso, Stephanie Abel, and Michael J. Polito


Carbon Sequestration And Sediment Accretion In San Francisco Bay Tidal Wetlands, John C. Callaway, Evyan L. Borgnis, R. Eugene Turner, and Charles S. Milan

Atmospheric correction and vicarious calibration of oceansat-1 ocean color monitor (OCM) data in coastal case 2 waters, P. Dash, N. Walker, D. Mishra, E. D'Sa, and S. Ladner

Climate change impacts on marine ecosystems, S.C. Doney, M. Ruckelshaus, J. Emmett Duffy, J.P. Barry, F. Chan, C.A. English, H.M. Galindo, J.M. Grebmeier, A.B. Hollowed, N. Knowlton, et al.

The eutrophication commandments, R.W. Fulweiler, N.N. Rabalais, and A.S. Heiskanen

Flexible reproductive timing can buffer reproductive success of Pygoscelis spp. penguins in the Antarctic Peninsula region, Jefferson T. Hinke, Michael J. Polito, Christian S. Reiss, Susan G. Trivelpiece, and Wayne Z. Trivelpiece

Histological Analysis Reveals Larger Size at Maturity for Southern Flounder with Implications for Biological Reference Points, Stephen Midway

Phytoplankton light absorption of cultures and natural samples: Comparisons using two spectrophotometers, P. Naik and E.J. D'Sa

First direct, site-wide penguin survey at Deception Island, Antarctica, suggests significant declines in breeding chinstrap penguins, R. Naveen, H.J. Lynch, S. Forrest, T. Mueller, and M. Polito

Physiological constraints and the influence of diet on fatty acids in the yolk of gentoo penguins, Pygoscelis papua, Michael J. Polito, Heather N. Koopman, Stephanie Able, Jennifer Walsh, and Michael E. Goebel

A simplified method of determining the sex of Pygoscelis penguins using bill measurements, M.J. Polito, G.V. Clucas, T. Hart, and W.Z. Trivelpiece

Management Case Study: Mississippi River, N.N. Rabalais and R.E. Turner

Stable isotopes identify age- and sex-specific dietary partitioning and foraging habitat segregation in southern giant petrels breeding in Antarctica and southern Patagonia, Andrea Raya Rey, Michael Polito, Diego Archuby, and Nestor Coria

Predicting summer hypoxia in the northern Gulf of Mexico: Redux, R.E. Turner, N.N. Rabalais, and D. Justić


Sustainability: More About The Toolmaker Than The Tools, R. Eugene Turner


Landscape-Scale Analysis Of Wetland Sediment Deposition From Four Tropical Cyclone Events, A W. Tweel and R. Eugene Turner


Watershed Land Use And River Engineering Drive Wetland Formation And Loss In The Mississippi River Birdfoot Delta, A W. Tweel and R. Eugene Turner

Wanted: dead or alive? Isotopic analysis (delta C-13 and delta N-15) of Pygoscelis penguin chick tissues supports opportunistic sampling, Christopher A. Vasil, Michael J. Polito, William P. Patterson, and Steven D. Emslie

Submissions from 2011


Seasonal Microphytobenthos On The Hypoxic Northern Gulf Of Mexico Continental Shelf, M M. Baustian, N N. Rabalais, W L. Morrison, R. Eugene Turner, and M M. Baustian


Coastal Land Loss And Hypoxia: The 'Outwelling' Hypothesis Revisited, Anindita Das, Dubravko Justic, Erick M. Swenson, R. Euigene Turner, Masamichi Inoue, and Dongho Park

Estimation of cyanobacterial pigments in a freshwater lake using OCM satellite data, P. Dash, N.D. Walker, D.R. Mishra, C. Hu, J.L. Pinckney, and E.J. D'Sa

Effects of Hurricane Ike on the Louisiana-Texas coast from satellite and model data, E.J. D'Sa, M. Korobkin, and D.S. Ko

Oceanic response around the Yucatan Peninsula to the 2005 hurricanes from remote sensing, E.J. D'sa, N.C. Tehrani, and V.H. Rivera-Monroy

Differential population response of allocation, phenology, and tissue chemistry in Spartina alterniflora, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Denise M. Seliskar, and John L. Gallagher

Nitrogen Pools of Macrophyte Species in a Coastal Lagoon Salt Marsh: Implications for Seasonal Storage and Dispersal, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Denise M. Seliskar, and John L. Gallagher

Salt Marsh Carbon Pool Distribution in a Mid-Atlantic Lagoon, USA: Sea Level Rise Implications, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Denise M. Seliskar, Christopher K. Sommerfield, and John L. Gallagher

Simple equations to estimate ratios of new or export production to total production from satellite-derived estimates of sea surface temperature and primary production, E.A. Laws, E. D'Sa, and P. Naik

Absorption properties of shoal-dominated waters in the Atchafalaya Shelf, Louisiana, USA, P. Naik, E.J. D'Sa, M. Grippo, R. Condrey, and J. Fleeger


A Once And Future Gulf OF Mexico Ecosystem: Restoration Recommendations Of An Expert Working Group, Charles H. Peterson, Felicia C. Coleman, Jeremy B. C. Jackson, R. Eugene Turner, Gilbert T. Rowe, Richard T. Barber, Karen A. Bjorndal, Robert S. Carney, Robert K. Cowen, Jonathan M. Hoekstra, et al.

Dietary isotopic discrimination in gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) feathers, Michael J. Polito, Stephanie Abel, Craig R. Tobias, and Steven D. Emslie

Stable isotopes reveal regional heterogeneity in the pre-breeding distribution and diets of sympatrically breeding Pygoscelis spp. penguins, Michael J. Polito, Heather J. Lynch, Ron Naveen, and Steven D. Emslie

Integrating Stomach Content and Stable Isotope Analyses to Quantify the Diets of Pygoscelid Penguins, Michael J. Polito, Wayne Z. Trivelpiece, Nina J. Karnovsky, Elizabeth Ng, William P. Patterson, and Steven D. Emslie

Troubled waters of the gulf of Mexico, N.N. Rabalais

Corn Belt landscapes and hypoxia of the Gulf of Mexico, R.E. Turner, N.N. Rabalais, D. Scavia, and G.F. McIsaac

Impacts of loop current frontal cyclonic eddies and wind forcing on the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill, N.D. Walker, C.T. Pilley, V.V. Raghunathan, E.J. D'Sa, R.R. Leben, N.G. Hoffmann, P.J. Brickley, P.D. Coholan, N. Sharma, H.C. Graber, et al.

Submissions from 2010

Abundance and spatial distribution of sympatrically breeding Catharacta spp. (skuas) in Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctica, Ana Paula Bertoldi Carneiro, Michael J. Polito, Martin Sander, and Wayne Z. Trivelpiece

Effects of a frontal passage on surface salinity distribution along the Louisiana-Texas coast, USA from ocean color and model outputs, E.J. D'Sa and D.S. Ko

Evaluating the potential risk of microcystins to blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) fisheries and human health in a eutrophic estuary, A.C. Garcia, S. Bargu, P. Dash, N.N. Rabalais, M. Sutor, W. Morrison, and N.D. Walker

Evidence for greater oxygen decline rates in the coastal ocean than in the open ocean, D. Gilbert, N.N. Rabalais, R.J. Díaz, and J. Zhang

Contribution of phytoplankton and benthic microalgae to inner shelf sediments of the north-central Gulf of Mexico, M.A. Grippo, J.W. Fleeger, N.N. Rabalais, R. Condrey, and K.R. Carman

Finite Element Model Updating of a PSC Box Girder Bridge Using Ambient Vibration Test, Matthew Hiatt, Annika Mathiasson, John Okwori, Seung Seop Jin, Shen Shang, Gun Jin Yun, Juan Caicedo, Richard Christenson, Chung Bang Yun, and Hoon Sohn

Recommendations for interdisciplinary study of tipping points in natural and social systems, T.E. Jordan, O.E. Sala, S.G. Stafford, J.L. Bubier, J.C. Crittenden, S.L. Cutter, A.C. Kay, G.D. Libecap, J.C. Moore, N.N. Rabalais, et al.

Assessment of particulate absorption properties in the southeastern Bering Sea from in-situ and remote sensing data, P. Naik, E. D'Sa, J.I. Goés, and H.D.R. Gomes

Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) analysis of sea-surface temperature and chlorophyll in the eastern Bering Sea, P. Naik and E.J. D'Sa

Investigating the use of stable isotope analysis of milk to infer seasonal trends in the diets and foraging habitats of female Antarctic fur seals, Michael J. Polito and Michael E. Goebel

Maturation increases early reproductive investment in Adelie Penguins Pygoscelis adeliae, Michael J. Polito, Aileen K. Miller, Susan G. Trivelpiece, and Wayne Z. Trivelpiece

Effects of biological and physical factors on seasonal oxygen dynamics in a stratified, eutrophic coastal ecosystem, Z.J. Quiñones-Rivera, B. Wissel, N.N. Rabalais, and D. Justic

Eutrophication of Estuarine and Coastal Ecosystems, N.N. Rabalais

Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium: Relatively new kid on the block, N.N. Rabalais


Dynamics And Distribution Of Natural And Human-Caused Hypoxia, N N. Rabalais, R J. Diaz, L A. Levin, R. Eugene Turner, N N. Rabalais, and J Zhang

Band recoveries and juvenile dispersal of Southern Giant Petrels Macronectes giganteus marked as chicks in Antarctica by the Brazilian Antarctic program (1984-1993), M. Sander, S.A. Garcia, A.P.B. Carneiro, S.I. Cristofoli, and M.J. Polito

Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) variability in Barataria Basin using excitation-emission matrix (EEM) fluorescence and parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC), S. Singh, E.J. D'Sa, and E.M. Swenson

Seasonal variability in CDOM absorption and fluorescence properties in the Barataria Basin, Louisiana, USA, S. Singh, E. D'Sa, and E. Swenson


Beneath The Salt Marsh Canopy: Loss Of Soil Strength With Increasing Nutrient Loads, R. Eugene Turner

Potential of MODIS EVI in identifying hurricane disturbance to coastal vegetation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, F. Wang and E.J. D'Sa


Abundance And Ecological Significance Of The Clam Rangia Cuneata (Sowerby, 1831) In The Upper Barataria Estuary (Louisiana, USA), Wai Hing Wong, Nancy N. Rabalais, and R. Eugene Turner

Natural and human-induced hypoxia and consequences for coastal areas: Synthesis and future development, J. Zhang, D. Gilbert, A.J. Gooday, L. Levin, S.W.A. Naqvi, J.J. Middelburg, M. Scranton, W. Ekau, A. Peña, B. Dewitte, et al.