Submissions from 2019


Age and Growth of Hardhead Catfish and Gafftopsail Catfish in Coastal Louisiana, USA, Shane Flinn and Stephen Midway

Role of Tidal Wetland Stability in Lateral Fluxes of Particulate Organic Matter and Carbon, Neil K. Ganju, Zafer Defne, Tracy Elsey‐Quirk, and Julia M. Moriarty


Advocating For Science: Amici Curiae Brief Of Wetland And Water Scientists In Support Of The Clean Water Rule, R C. Gardner, E Okuno, S Tai, M S. Fennessy, R C. Gardner, M L. Otte, M Palmer, J E. Perry, C Simenstad, B R. Tanner, et al.

Soil seed bank and vegetation differences following channel diversion in the Yellow River Delta, Bo Guan, Min Chen, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Shanshan Yang, Weitao Shang, Yunzhao Li, Xiaoyan Tian, and Guangxuan Han


In situ geochemistry of middle Ordovician dolomites of the upper Mississippi valley, Achim D. Herrmann


Drivers and impacts of water level fluctuations in the Mississippi River delta: Implications for delta restoration, Matthew Hiatt, John W. Day, Robert V. Rohli, and John Andrew Nyman


Effects of Shoal Margin Collapses on the Morphodynamics of a Sandy Estuary, M. R. Hiatt


The Tensile Root Strength of Spartina patens Varies with Soil Texture and Atrazine Concentration, Lauris O. Hollis and R. Eugene Turner


The Tensile Root Strength Of Spartina Patens Varies With Soil Texture And Atrazine Concentration, L O. Hollis and R. Eugene Turner

A multi‐biomarker approach supports the use of compound‐specific stable isotope analysis of amino acids to quantify basal carbon source use in a salt marsh consumer, Jessica J. Johnson, Jill A. Olin, and Michael J. Polito

Scale effects on land loss modeling in the Mississippi River Delta, Nina S.-N. Lam, Heng Cai, Lei Zou, and Kam-biu Liu

Oceanic Internal Waves in the Sulu-Celebes Sea under Sunglint and Moonglint, B. Liu and E.J. D'Sa

Multi-decadal trends and influences on dissolved organic carbon distribution in the Barataria Basin, Louisiana from in-situ and Landsat/MODIS observations, B. Liu, E.J. D'Sa, and I. Joshi

Divergent trophic responses of sympatric penguin species to historic anthropogenic exploitation and recent climate change, Kelton W. McMahon, Chantel I. Michelson, Tom Hart, Matthew D. McCarthy, William P. Patterson, and Michael J. Polito

Effects of life‐history traits on stream fish abundances across spatial scales, Stephen R. Midway and Brandon K. Peoples

Trends in global shark attacks, Stephen R. Midway, Athanassios C. Tsikliras, Tyler Wagner, and George H. Burgess


Feedback Of Coastal Marshes To Climate Change: Long-Term Phenological Shifts, Y Mo, M S. Kearney, and R. Eugene Turner

Competitive reversal between plant species is driven by species‐specific tolerance to flooding stress and nutrient acquisition during early marsh succession, Andrew Muench, Tracy Elsey‐Quirk, and Zhongling Yang

Equid Herpesvirus 1 Targets the Sensitization and Induction Steps To Inhibit the Type I Interferon Response in Equine Endothelial Cells, Fatai S. Oladunni, Sanjay Sarkar, Stephanie Reedy, Udeni B. R. Balasuriya, David W. Horohov, Thomas M. Chambers, and Joanna L. Shisler

Subtidal Water Level and Current Variability in a Bar‐Built Estuary During Cold Front Season: Barataria Bay, Gulf of Mexico, A.R. Payandeh, D. Justic, G. Mariotti, H. Huang, and S. Sorourian

Intraspecific variation in a dominant prey species can bias marine predator dietary estimates derived from stable isotope analysis, Michael J. Polito, Wayne Z. Trivelpiece, Christian S. Reiss, Susan G. Trivelpiece, Jefferson T. Hinke, William P. Patterson, and Steven D. Emslie


Gulf Of Mexico Hypoxia: Past, Present, And Future, Nancy N. Rabalais and R. Eugene Turner


The effects of oil on blue crab and periwinkle snail interactions: A mesocosm study, Elizabeth M. Robinson and Nancy N. Rabalais

Examining the microclimate hypothesis in Amazonian birds: indirect tests of the ‘visual constraints’ mechanism, Cameron L. Rutt, Stephen R. Midway, Vitek Jirinec, Jared D. Wolfe, and Philip C. Stouffer


Net Land Gain Or Loss For Two Mississippi River Diversions: Caernarvon And Davis Pond, R. Eugene Turner, M Layne, Y Mo, and E M. Swenson


Oiling Of The Continental Shelf And Coastal Marshes Over Eight Years After The 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, R. Eugene Turner, N N. Rabalais, E B. Overton, B M. Meyer, E M. Swenson, M Besonen, M L. Parsons, and J Zingre


Spatial variations in Chlorophyll a, C, N, and P in a Louisiana estuary from 1994 to 2016, R. Eugene Turner, Erick M. Swenson, Charles S. Milan, and James M. Lee

Understanding tidal marsh trajectories: evaluation of multiple indicators of marsh persistence, Kerstin Wasson, Neil K. Ganju, Zafer Defne, Charlie Endris, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Karen M. Thorne, Chase M. Freeman, Glenn Guntenspergen, Daniel J. Nowacki, and Kenneth B. Raposa

Submissions from 2018

Klossiella equi infection in a Cheval Canadien Mare, Rose E. Baker, John W. Schlipf Jr, Jacqueline V. Brady, and M. Elena Gorman

Seasonal flooding, topography, and organic debris interact to influence the emergence and distribution of seedlings in a tropical grassland, Francielli Bao, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Marco Antonio de Assis, Rafael Arruda, and Arnildo Pott

The polychaete, Paraprionospio pinnata, is a likely vector of domoic acid to the benthic food web in the northern Gulf of Mexico, M.M. Baustian, S. Bargu, W. Morrison, C. Sexton, and N.N. Rabalais

Using Non-destructive Techniques to Measure Mercury (Hg) Concentrations in Gravid Blanding’s Turtles (Emydoidea blandingii) in Northeastern Illinois, Timothy Benjamin, Rebecka Brasso, Stephen Midway, Dan Thompson, and Leigh Anne Harden

Declining oxygen in the global ocean and coastal waters, D. Breitburg, L.A. Levin, A. Oschlies, M. Grégoire, F.P. Chavez, D.J. Conley, V. Garçon, D. Gilbert, D. Gutiérrez, K. Isensee, et al.

Lateral Circulation in a Partially Stratified Tidal Inlet, Linlin Cui, Haosheng Huang, Chunyan Li, and Dubravko Justic

Lateral Circulation in a Partially Stratified Tidal Inlet, Linlin Cui, Haosheng Huang, Chunyan Li, and Dubravko Justic

Lateral Circulation in a Partially Stratified Tidal Inlet, Linlin Cui, Haosheng Huang, Chunyan Li, and Dubravko Justic

Hurricanes as a Major Driver of Coastal Erosion in the Mississippi River Delta: A Multi-Decadal Analysis of Shoreline Retreat Rates at Bay Champagne, Louisiana (USA), Marianne Dietz, Kam-biu Liu, and Thomas Bianchette

Geomorphic influences on the contribution of vegetation to soil C accumulation and accretion in Spartina alterniflora marshes, Tracy Elsey-Quirk and Viktoria Unger

The gulf of Mexico, R. Eugene Turner and N.N. Rabalais

Channel‐Island Connectivity Affects Water Exposure Time Distributions in a Coastal River Delta, Matthew Hiatt, Edward Castañeda‐Moya, Robert Twilley, Ben R. Hodges, and Paola Passalacqua

An estuarine-tuned quasi-analytical algorithm (QAA-V): Assessment and application to satellite estimates of SPM in Galveston Bay following Hurricane Harvey, I.D. Joshi and E.J. D'Sa

Seasonal Trends in Surface pCO2 and Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes in Apalachicola Bay, Florida, From VIIRS Ocean Color, I.D. Joshi, N.D. Ward, E.J. D'Sa, C.L. Osburn, T.S. Bianchi, and D. Oviedo-Vargas

Biased Wind Measurements in Estuarine Waters, G. Mariotti, H. Huang, Z. Xue, B. Li, D. Justic, and Z. Zang

Space-Time Geostatistical Assessment of Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, V.R.R. Matli, S. Fang, J. Guinness, N.N. Rabalais, J.K. Craig, and D.R. Obenour

Spartina patens Productivity and Soil Organic Matter Response to Sedimentation and Nutrient Enrichment, Shannon Matzke and Tracy Elsey-Quirk

Improved Growth Estimates for Lethrinus harak: Measuring Increments, Adjusting Ages, and Fitting Flexible Growth Models, Stephen Midway

Fishing pressure and species traits affect stream fish invasions both directly and indirectly, Brandon K. Peoples, Stephen R. Midway, and Brian Leung


The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill And Gulf Of Mexico Shelf Hypoxia, Nancy N. Rabalais, Leslie M. Smith, and R. Eugene Turner

Shelter-seeking behavior of crayfish, Procambarus clarkii, in elevated carbon dioxide, M. D. Robertson, M. F. Hernandez, S. R. Midway, C. T. Hasler, and C. D. Suski

Metagenomic assembly and prokaryotic metagenome-assembled genome sequences from the Northern Gulf of Mexico "dead Zone", J.C. Thrash, B.J. Baker, K.W. Seitz, B. Temperton, L.G. Campbell, N.N. Rabalais, B. Henrissat, and O.U. Masond


Response To The Letter To The Editor On Turner (2017), R. Eugene Turner


The Belowground Intersection Of Nutrients And Buoyancy In A Freshwater Marsh, R. Eugene Turner, J E. Bodker, and C Schulz


Sea-Level Rise Tipping Point Of Delta Survival, R. Eugene Turner, M S. Kearney, and R W. Parkinson


Reversing Wetland Death From 35,000 Cuts: Opportunities To Restore Louisiana'S Dredged Canals, R. Eugene Turner and G McClenachan

Drivers of Oxygen Consumption in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Waters—A Stable Carbon Isotope Perspective, H. Wang, X. Hu, N.N. Rabalais, and J. Brandes

Hydrological Connectivity in Vegetated River Deltas: The Importance of Patchiness Below a Threshold, Kyle Wright, Matthew Hiatt, and Paola Passalacqua

Submissions from 2017

Effect of wind, river discharge, and outer-shelf phenomena on circulation dynamics of the Atchafalaya Bay and shelf, M.N. Allahdadi, F. Jose, E.J. D'Sa, and D.S. Ko

Research and community of practice of the gulf of Mexico large marine ecosystem, P. Álvarez Torres, N.N. Rabalais, J.M. Piña Gutiérrez, and R.M. Padrón López

Seed bank of seasonally flooded grassland: experimental simulation of flood and post-flood, Francielli Bao, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Marco Antonio de Assis, and Arnildo Pott

Hydrogeomorphic influences on salt marsh sediment accumulation and accretion in two estuaries of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic coast, B.M. Boyd, C.K. Sommerfield, and T. Elsey-Quirk

Surface gradients in dissolved organic matter absorption and fluorescence properties along the New Zealand sector of the southern ocean, E.J. D'Sa and H.-C. Kim


Salt Marsh Bacterial Communities Before And After The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, A S. Engel, C Liu, A T. Paterson, L C. Anderson, A S. Engel, and E B. Overton

What Controls the Transition from Confined to Unconfined Flow? Analysis of Hydraulics in a Coastal River Delta, Matthew Hiatt and Paola Passalacqua

Effects of eutrophication and benthic respiration on water column carbonate chemistry in a traditional hypoxic zone in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, X. Hu, Q. Li, W.-J. Huang, B. Chen, W.-J. Cai, N.N. Rabalais, and R. Eugene Turner

Turbidity in Apalachicola Bay, Florida from Landsat 5 TM and field data: Seasonal patterns and response to extreme events, I.D. Joshi, E.J. D'Sa, C.L. Osburn, and T.S. Bianchi

Assessing chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) distribution, stocks, and fluxes in Apalachicola Bay using combined field, VIIRS ocean color, and model observations, I.D. Joshi, E.J. D'Sa, C.L. Osburn, T.S. Bianchi, D.S. Ko, D. Oviedo-Vargas, A.R. Arellano, and N.D. Ward


The Cyst-Theca Relationship Of The Dinoflagellate Cyst Trinovantedinium Pallidifulvum, With Erection Of Protoperidinium Lousianensis Sp Nov And Their Phylogenetic Position Within The Conica Group, Kenneth Mertens, Haifang Gu, Yoshihito Takano, Andrea M. Price, Vera Pospelova, Kara Bogus, Gerard J. M. Versteegh, Fabienne Marret, R. Eugene Turner, Nancy N. Rabalais, et al.


Seaside Sparrows Reveal Contrasting Food Web Responses To Large-Scale Stressors In Coastal Louisiana Saltmarshes, J A. Olin, C M. Burns, S Woltmann, S S. Taylor, J A. Olin, W Bam, L Hooper-Bui, and R. Eugene Turner


Marsh Vulnerability To Sea-Level Rise, R W. Parkinson, C Craft, R D. DeLaune, J F. Donoghue, R W. Parkinson, J F. Meeder, J Morris, and R. Eugene Turner

Stable isotope analyses of feather amino acids identify penguin migration strategies at ocean basin scales, Michael J. Polito, Jefferson T. Hinke, Tom Hart, Mercedes Santos, Leah A. Houghton, and Simon R. Thorrold

Melitasphaeridium choanophorum–a living fossil dinoflagellate cyst in the Gulf of Mexico, A.M. Price, M.M. Baustian, R.E. Turner, N.N. Rabalais, and G.L. Chmura


Dinoflagellate Cysts Track Eutrophication In The Northern Gulf Of Mexico, Andrea M. Price, Melissa M. Baustian, R. Eugene Turner, Nancy N. Rabalais, and Gail L. Chmura


Ensemble Modeling Informs Hypoxia Management In The Northern Gulf Of Mexico, D Scavia, I Bertani, D R. Obenour, R. Eugene Turner, D Scavia, and A Katin

Metabolic roles of uncultivated bacterioplankton lineages in the northern gulf of Mexico “dead zone”, J.C. Thrash, K.W. Seitz, B.J. Baker, B. Temperton, L.E. Gillies, N.N. Rabalais, B. Henrissat, and O.U. Mason


Just Us, R. Eugene Turner


Smaller Size-At-Age Menhaden With Coastal Warming And Fishing Intensity, R. Eugene Turner


The Mineral Sediment Loading Of The Modern Mississippi River Delta: What Is The Restoration Baseline?, R. Eugene Turner


Trends In Summer Bottom-Water Temperatures On The Northern Gulf Of Mexico Continental Shelf From 1985 To 2015, R. Eugene Turner, N N. Rabalais, and D Justic

Submissions from 2016

Goniometrie evaluation of standing extension and maximum flexion joint angles of llamas and alpacas., Walters AL, Semevolos SA, and Baker RE


Influence Of The Mississippi River On Pseudo-nitzschia spp. Abundance And Toxicity In Louisiana Coastal Waters, Sibel Bargu, Melissa M. Baustian, Nancy N. Rabalais, Ross Del Rio, Benjamin Von Korff, and R. Eugene Turner


Incorporation Of Deepwater Horizon Oil In A Terrestrial Bird, A Bonisoli-Alquati, P C. Stouffer, R. Eugene Turner, S Woltmann, and A Bonisoli-Alquati

Changing Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter Fluorescence in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, E.J. D'Sa, E.B. Overton, S.E. Lohrenz, K. Maiti, R.E. Turner, and A. Freeman

Impact of Hurricane Sandy on salt marshes of New jersey, Tracy Elsey-Quirk

Coupled oxygen and dissolved inorganic carbon dynamics in coastal ocean and its use as a potential indicator for detecting water column oil degradation, X. Hu, W.-J. Cai, N.N. Rabalais, and J. Xue

Effect of topically applied Saccharomyces boulardii on the healing of acute porcine wounds: a preliminary study., Partlow J, Blikslager A, Matthews C, M, Daniels J, Baker R, and Labens R


Morphology, Molecular Phylogeny And Azaspiracid Profile Of Azadinium Poporum (Dinophyceae) From The Gulf Of Mexico, Zhaohe Luo, Bernd Krock, Kenneth Neil Mertens, Andrea Michelle Price, R. Eugene Turner, Nancy N. Rabalais, and Haifeng Gu

Export fluxes in northern Gulf of Mexico - Comparative evaluation of direct, indirect and satellite-based estimates, K. Maiti, S. Bosu, E.J. D'Sa, P.L. Adhikari, M. Sutor, and K. Longnecker

Preface: Remote sensing of water resources, D.R. Mishra, E.J. D'Sa, and S. Mishra


Effects Of The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill On Coastal Marshes And Associated Organisms, N N. Rabalais and R. Eugene Turner

Impact of tidal currents on delta-channel deepening, stratigraphic architecture, and sediment bypass beyond the shoreline, Valentina Marzia Rossi, Wonsuck Kim, Julio Leva López, Douglas Edmonds, Nathanael Geleynse, Cornel Olariu, Ronald J. Steel, Matthew Hiatt, and Paola Passalacqua


The Effects Of N, P And Crude Oil On The Decomposition Of Spartina Alterniflora Belowground Biomass, R. Eugene Turner and J E. Bodker


Islands In The Oil: Quantifying Salt Marsh Shoreline Erosion After The Deepwater Horizon Oiling, R. Eugene Turner, G McClenachan, and A W. Tweel


The Changshu Declaration On Wetlands, R. Eugene Turner, Jos T. A. Verhoeven, Ania Grobicki, Jenny Davis, and Shuqing AN

Stability of organic carbon accumulating in Spartina alterniflora-dominated salt marshes of the Mid-Atlantic U.S., Viktoria Unger, Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Christopher Sommerfield, and David Velinsky


Size-Dependent Top-Down Control On Phytoplankton Growth By Microzooplankton In Eutrophic Lakes, Wai Hing Wong, Nancy N. Rabalais, and R. Eugene Turner

Submissions from 2015


Nutrient-Enhanced Decomposition Of Plant Biomass In A Freshwater Wetland, J E. Bodker, R. Eugene Turner, A Tweel, C Schulz, and J E. Bodker

Influence of Physical Manipulations on Short-Term Salt Marsh Morphodynamics: Examples from the North and Mid-Atlantic Coast, USA, Tracy Elsey-Quirk and Susan C. Adamowicz

Patterns of seed bank and vegetation diversity along a tidal freshwater river, Tracy Elsey-Quirk and Mary Allessio Leck

Identifying environmental controls on the shoreline of a natural river delta, N. Geleynse, M. Hiatt, H. Sangireddy, and P. Passalacqua

Archaeal enrichment in the hypoxic zone in the northern Gulf of Mexico, L.E. Gillies, J.C. Thrash, S. deRada, N.N. Rabalais, and O.U. Mason