Submissions from 2022

Kinestatic Modeling of a Spatial Screw-Driven Continuum Robot, Shahrior Ahmed and Hunter B. Gilbert


Droplet Evaporation-Based Approach for Microliter Fuel Property Measurements, Wanjun Dang, Mohana Gurunadhan, William Ard, Ingmar Schoegl, and Shyam Menon


Search full text options here 1 of 6 Droplet Evaporation-Based Approach for Microliter Fuel Property Measurements, Wanjun Dang, Mohana Gurunadhan, William Ard, Ingmar Schoegl, and Shyam Menon

Developing Fused Deposition Modeling Additive Manufacturing Processing Strategies for Aluminum Alloy 7075: Sample Preparation and Metallographic Characterization, Huan Ding, Congyuan Zeng, Jonathan Raush, Kasra Momeni, and Shengmin Guo

Fatigue assessment of additively-manufactured C-18150 copper alloy at room and elevated temperatures via a microstructure-sensitive algorithm, Arash P. Jirandehi, M.M. Khonsari, S. Guo, and Paul Gradl

Data Mining and Visualization of High-Dimensional ICME Data for Additive Manufacturing, Rangasayee Kannan, Gerald L. Knapp, Peeyush Nandwana, Ryan Dehoff, Alex Plotkowski, Benjamin Stump, Ying Yang, and Vincent Paquit

Evaluation of fatigue in unidirectional and cross-ply laminated composites using a coupled entropy-kinetic concept, Ali Mahmoudi and Michael M. Khonsari

Investigation of metal fatigue using a coupled entropy-kinetic model, Ali Mahmoudi and M.M. Khonsari

Magnetic Particle Reinforced Elastomer Composites for Additive Manufacturing, Jungjin Park, Andrew Becnel, Alison B. Flatau, and Norman Wereley


Search full text options here 3 of 3 Heat-Mitigated Design and Lorentz Force-Based Steering of an MRI-Driven Microcatheter toward Minimally Invasive Surgery, Martin Francis Phelan III, Mehmet Efe Tiryaki, Jelena Lazovic, Hunter Gilbert, and Metin Sitti

Transverse Anisotropy Stabilizes Concentric Tube Robots, Caleb Rucker, Jake Childs, Parsa Molaei, and Hunter B. Gilbert


Nussbaum-Type Neural Network-Based Control of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation With Input Saturation and Muscle Fatigue, Chen Rui, Jie Li, Yinhe Chen, Qing Zhang, Ruzhou Yang, and Marcio de Queiroz

Rapid and Direct Perfluorooctanoic Acid Sensing with Selective Ionomer Coatings on Screen-Printed Electrodes under Environmentally Relevant Concentrations, Sushant P. Sahu, Subarna Kole, Christopher G. Arges, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Order and information in the patterns of spinning magnetic micro-disks at the air-water interface, Wendong Wang, Gaurav Gardi, Paolo Malgaretti, Vimal Kishore, Lyndon Koens, Donghoon Son, Hunter Gilbert, Zongyuan Wu, Palak Harwani, Eric Lauga, et al.

Momentum balance based model for predicting the scale of separation bubbles induced by incident shock wave/turbulent boundary layer interactions, Wen-Zhong Xie, Shu-Zi Yang, Qing-Wei Zhao, Qing Zhang, and Shengmin Guo

Microstructure Evolution of Al6061 Alloy Made by Additive Friction Stir Deposition, Congyuan Zeng, Hamed Ghadimi, Huan Ding, Saber Nemati, Abdelrahman Garbie, Jonathan Raush, and Shengmin Guo

Tensile Properties of Additively Manufactured C-18150 Copper Alloys, Congyuan Zeng, Hao Wen, Benjamin C. Bernard, Huan Ding, Jonathan R. Raush, Paul R. Gradl, Michael Khonsari, and Shengmin Guo

Submissions from 2021

Computational exploration of biomedical HfNbTaTiZr and Hf0.5Nb0.5Ta0.5Ti1.5Zr refractory high-entropy alloys, Uttam Bhandari, Hamed Ghadimi, Congyan Zhang, Feng Gao, Shizhong Yang, and Shengmin Guo

A modular, multi-arm concentric tube robot system with application to transnasal surgery for orbital tumors, Trevor L. Bruns, Andria A. Remirez, Maxwell A. Emerson, Ray A. Lathrop, Arthur W. Mahoney, Hunter B. Gilbert, Cindy L. Liu, Paul T. Russell, Robert F. Labadie, Kyle D. Weaver, et al.

Small‐sized specimen design with the provision for high‐frequency bending‐fatigue testing, Hamed Ghadimi, Arash P. Jirandehi, Saber Nemati, and Shengmin Guo

Application of thermoelectricity in fatigue of metals, Behnam Hajshirmohammadi and Michael M. Khonsari

On the prediction of fatigue life subjected to variable loading sequence, Joonyoung Jang and Michael M. Khonsari

General quantification of fatigue damage with provision for microstructure: A review, Arash P. Jirandehi and Michael M. Khonsari

On the determination of cyclic plastic strain energy with the provision for microplasticity, Arash P. Jirandehi and M.M. Khonsari

A Unified Treatment of Tribo-Components Degradation Using Thermodynamics Framework: A Review on Adhesive Wear, Lijesh Koottaparambil and M. M. Khonsari

Nonresonant powering of injectable nanoelectrodes enables wireless deep brain stimulation in freely moving mice, K. L. Kozielski, A. Jahanshahi, H. B. Gilbert, Y. Yu, Ö. Erin, D. Francisco, F. Alosaimi, Y. Temel, and M. Sitti

Distance + Angle-Based Control of 2-D Rigid Formations, Tairan Liu and Marcio de Queiroz

Further results on the distance and area control of planar formations, Tairan Liu, Marcio de Queiroz, Pengpeng Zhang, and Milad Khaledyan

On the application of fracture fatigue entropy to multiaxial loading, M. Mehdizadeh and M.M. Khonsari

Dark‐field hyperspectral imaging for label free detection of nano‐bio‐materials, Nishir Mehta, Sushant P. Sahu, Shahensha Shaik, Ram Devireddy, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

A new model for fatigue life prediction under multiaxial loadings based on energy dissipation, A. Nourian-Avval and M.M. Khonsari

An improved heat transfer and fluid flow model of wire-arc additive manufacturing, W. Ou, G. L. Knapp, T. Mukherjee, Y. Wei, and T. DebRoy

Printed Electrode for Measuring Phosphate in Environmental Water, Alisha Prasad, Sushant P. Sahu, Sara Karoline Figueiredo Stofela, Ardalan Chaichi, Syed Mohammad Abid Hasan, Wokil Bam, Kanchan Maiti, Kevin M. McPeak, Gang Logan Liu, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

The Application of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to Recognize Defects in 3D-Printed Parts, Hao Wen, Chang Huang, and Shengmin Guo

Effect of temperature history on thermal properties of additively manufactured C-18150 alloy samples, Congyuan Zeng, Hao Wen, Benjamin C. Bernard, Jonathan R. Raush, Paul R. Gradl, Michael Khonsari, and S.M. Guo

Performance of Carbide Alloy Compounds in Carbon Doped MoNbTaW, Congyan Zhang, Uttam Bhandari, Jialin Lei, Congyuan Zeng, Shengmin Guo, Hyunjoo Choi, Seungjin Nam, Jinyuan Yan, Shizhong Yang, and Feng Gao

Deposit geometry and oxygen concentration spatial variations due to composition change in printed functionally graded components, J. S. Zuback, G. L. Knapp, T. A. Palmer, and T. DebRoy

Submissions from 2020

Computational and experimental investigation of refractory high entropy alloy Mo15Nb20Re15Ta30W20, Uttam Bhandari, Congyan Zhang, Congyuan Zeng, Shengmin Guo, and Shizhong Yang


Operational Planning of Supply Chains in a Production and Distribution Center with Just-in-time Delivery, Pablo Biswas and Bhaba Sarker

A Solid-State and Flexible Supercapacitor That Operates across a Wide Temperature Range, Ardalan Chaichi, Gokul Venugopalan, Ram Devireddy, Christopher Arges, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

The Relation Between Subsurface Stresses and Useful Wear Life in Sliding Contacts, Hossein Fereidouni, Saleh Akbarzadeh, and M. M. Khonsari


On the Recovery and Fatigue Life Extension of Stainless Steel 316 Metals by Means of Recovery Heat Treatment, Ali Haghshenas and M. M. Khonsari

Nondestructive estimation of remaining fatigue life without the loading history, JY Jang, M Mehdizadeh, and MM Khonsari

Flocking and Target Interception Control for Formations of Nonholonomic Kinematic Agents, Milad Khaledyan, Tairan Liu, Victor Fernandez-Kim, and Marcio de Queiroz

Assessment of Water Contamination on Grease Using the Contact Angle Approach, K. P. Lijesh, M. M. Khonsari, and Roger A. Miller

Online monitoring of metal fatigue life, KP Lijesh, Mohammad Mehdizadeh, and Michael M. Khonsari

Mechatronics and Robotics Education: Standardizing Foundational Key Concepts, Kevin McFall, Kevin Huang, Hunter Gilbert, Musa Jouaneh, He Bai, and David Auslander

Multimodal Label-free Monitoring of Adipogenic Stem Cell Differentiation using Endogenous Optical Biomarkers, Nishir Mehta, Shahensha Shaik, Alisha Prasad, Ardalan Chaichi, Sushant P. Sahu, Syed Mohammad Abid Hasan, Fabrizio Donnarumma, Kermit K. Murray, Ram Devireddy, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Ripple mediated surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy on graphene, Alisha Prasad, Ardalan Chaichi, Amirreza Mahigir, Sushant P. Sahu, Deepak Ganta, Georgios Veronis, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Optical Identification of Middle Ear Infection, Alisha Prasad, Syed Mohammad Abid Hasan, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Nanomaterial-Based CO2 Sensors, Marwan Y. Rezk, Jyotsna Sharma, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Mechanistic models for additive manufacturing of metallic components, H. L. Wei, T. Mukherjee, W. Zhang, J. S. Zuback, G. L. Knapp, A. De, and T. DebRoy

Feasibility of employing the restarting process to evaluate the self-starting ability for hypersonic inlets, Wenzhong Xie, Yi Jin, Yan Ge, Shuzi Yang, Cheng Zeng, and Shengmin Guo

Prediction of self-starting limit of two-dimensional supersonic inlets considering viscous effects, Wen-Zhong Xie, Wei Yang, Yi Jin, Shuzi Yang, Cheng Zeng, and Shengmin Guo

Laser nitriding of titanium surfaces for biomedical applications, Congyuan Zeng, Hao Wen, Ali Hemmasian Ettefagh, Bin Zhang, Juan Gao, Ali Haghshenas, Jonathan R. Raush, and S.M. Guo

Mechanical, thermal, and corrosion properties of Cu-10Sn alloy prepared by laser-powder-bed-fusion additive manufacturing, Congyuan Zeng, Bin Zhang, Ali Hemmasian Ettefagh, Hao Wen, Hong Yao, W.J. Meng, and Shengmin Guo

Carbide Formation in Refractory Mo15Nb20Re15Ta30W20 Alloy under a Combined High-Pressure and High-Temperature Condition, Congyan Zhang, Uttam Bhandari, Congyuan Zeng, Huan Ding, Shengmin Guo, Jinyuan Yan, and Shizhong Yang

Submissions from 2019

Elevation and Azimuth Rotational Actuation of an Untethered Millirobot by MRI Gradient Coils, Onder Erin, Hunter B. Gilbert, Ahmet Fatih Tabak, and Metin Sitti

On the entropy of fatigue crack propagation, B. Hajshirmohammadi and M.M. Khonsari

A formation maneuvering controller for multiple non-holonomic robotic vehicles, Milad Khaledyan and Marcio de Queiroz

Experiments and simulations on solidification microstructure for Inconel 718 in powder bed fusion electron beam additive manufacturing, Gerald Knapp

Three-dimensional grain growth during multi-layer printing of a nickel-based alloy Inconel 718, Gerald Knapp

On the Assessment of Mechanical Degradation of Grease Using Entropy Generation Rate, K. P. Lijesh and M. M. Khonsari

Current and future functional imaging techniques for post-traumatic stress disorder, Alisha Prasad, Ardalan Chaichi, D. Parker Kelley, Joseph Francis, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Nanohole array plasmonic biosensors: Emerging point-of-care applications, Alisha Prasad, Junseo Choi, Zheng Jia, Sunggook Park, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

DNA microarray analysis using a smartphone to detect the BRCA-1 gene, Alisha Prasad, Syed Mohammad Abid Hasan, Steven Grouchy, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Ultrasensitive Three-Dimensional Orientation Imaging of Single Molecules on Plasmonic Nanohole Arrays Using Second Harmonic Generation, Sushant P. Sahu, Amirreza Mahigir, Benjamin Chidester, Georgios Veronis, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Learning to Navigate Endoscopic Capsule Robots, Mehmet Turan, Yasin Almalioglu, Hunter B. Gilbert, Faisal Mahmood, Nicholas J. Durr, Helder Araujo, Alp Eren Sari, Anurag Ajay, and Metin Sitti

Laser surface treatment of Ti-10Mo alloy under Ar and N2 environment for biomedical application, Hao Wen, Congyuan Zeng, Ali Hemmasian Ettefagh, Juan Gao, and Shengmin Guo

Enlarged Self-Starting Operational Envelope for Hypersonic Inlets Using a Splitter, Wen-zhong Xie, Xiao-tian Gao, Xiang Tang, Meng Huang, and Shengmin Guo

3D Multi‐Agent Formation Control with Rigid Body Maneuvers, Pengpeng Zhang and Marcio Queiroz

Submissions from 2018

Raman Spectroscopy and Microscopy Applications in Cardiovascular Diseases: From Molecules to Organs, Ardalan Chaichi, ALISHA PRASAD, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Substrate Engineered Interconnected Graphene Electrodes with Ultrahigh Energy and Power Densities for Energy Storage Applications, Ardalan Chaichi, Ying Wang, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

Electrocatalytic activity of high-entropy alloys toward oxygen evolution reaction, Xiaodan Cui, Boliang Zhang, Congyuan Zeng, and Shengmin Guo

Monolithic nanoporous Ni Fe alloy by dealloying laser processed Ni Fe Al as electrocatalyst toward oxygen evolution reaction, Xiaodan Cui, Boliang Zhang, Congyuan Zeng, Hao Wen, and Shengmin Guo

Laser processed Ni-Fe alloys as electrocatalyst toward oxygen evolution reaction, Xiaodan Cui, Boliang Zhang, Congyuan Zeng, Hao Wen, Hong Yao, and S M. Guo

Unexpected pressure induced ductileness tuning in sulfur doped polycrystalline nickel metal, Cheng Guo, Yan Yang, Liuxi Tan, Jialin Lei, Shengmin Guo, Bin Chen, Jinyuan Yan, and Shizhong Yang

Fusion zone geometries, cooling rates and solidification parameters during wire arc additive manufacturing, Gerald Knapp

On the Modeling of Adhesive Wear with Consideration of Loading Sequence, K. P. Lijesh and M. M. Khonsari

Finite-Time Rigidity-Based Formation Maneuvering of Multiagent Systems Using Distributed Finite-Time Velocity Estimators, Farhad Mehdifar, Farzad Hashemzadeh, Baradarannia, and Marcio de Queiroz

Electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of high entropy AlCoCrFeNi alloy powder laden composites, Yi Zhang, Boliang Zhang, Kuo Li, Guang-Lin Zhao, and S.M. Guo

Submissions from 2017

Using Mason number to predict MR damper performance from limited test data, Andrew C. Becnel and Norman M. Wereley

Using Mason number to predict MR damper performance from limited test data, Andrew C. Becnel and Norman M. Wereley

Marangoni Convection Assisted Single Molecule Detection with Nanojet Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, Te-Wei Chang, Xinhao Wang, Amirreza Mahigir, Georgios Veronis, Gang Logan Liu, and Manas Ranjan Gartia

On the Migration of a Droplet on an Incline, Qingwen Dai, M.M. Khonsari, Cong Shen, Wei Huang, and Xiaolei Wang

Building blocks for a digital twin of additive manufacturing, Gerald Knapp

Plasmonic nanohole array for enhancing the SERS signal of a single layer of graphene in water, Amirreza Mahigir, Te-Wei Chang, Ashkan Behnam, Gang Logan Liu, Manas Ranjan Gartia, and Georgios Veronis


Optimization of the Hot Embossing Parameters and Sintering Characterization for Alumina/Berea Sandstone Ceramics, Justin F. Robbins

On the Performance of EHL Contacts with Textured Surfaces, Morteza Taee, Amir Torabi, Saleh Akbarzadeh, M. M. Khonsari, and Mohsen Badrossamay

Self-Referenced Smartphone-Based Nanoplasmonic Imaging Platform for Colorimetric Biochemical Sensing, Xinhao Wang, Te-Wei Chang, Guohong Lin, Manas Ranjan Gartia, and Gang Logan Liu

Submissions from 2016

Experimental characterization of magnetorheological fluids using a custom searle magnetorheometer: influence of the rotor shape, Nicola Golinelli, Andrew C. Becnel, Andrea Spaggiari, and Norman M. Wereley

Analysis and life prediction of a composite laminate under cyclic loading, M. Liakat and M.M. Khonsari

Fatigue analysis of metals using damping parameter, Vahid Mortezavi, Ali Haghshenas, M.M. Khonsari, and Bart Bollen

Submissions from 2015

Squeeze strengthening of magnetorheological fluids using mixed mode operation, AC Becnel, SG Sherman, W Hu, and NM Wereley

Compact Magnetorheological Energy Absorbers for Adaptive Crew Seat Suspensions, Andrew Becnel

Nondimensional scaling of magnetorheological rotary shear mode devices using the Mason number, Andrew C. Becnel, Stephen Sherman, Wei Hu, and Norman M. Wereley

Microfluidics and numerical simulation as methods for standardization of zebrafish sperm cell activation, T. Scherr, G.L. Knapp, A. Guitreau, D.S.-W. Park, T. Tiersch, K. Nandakumar, and W.T. Monroe

Relating Mason number to Bingham number in magnetorheological fluids, Stephen G. Sherman, Andrew C. Becnel, and Norman M. Wereley

Scaling temperature dependent rheology of magnetorheological fluids, Stephen G. Sherman, Louise A. Powell, Andrew C. Becnel, and Norman M. Wereley

Submissions from 2014

Mason number analysis of a magnetorheological fluid-based rotary energy absorber, Andrew C. Becnel, Wei Hu, and Norman M. Wereley