Submissions from 2004

The 3-connected graphs with exactly three non-essential edges, James Oxley and Haidong Wu

A note on the solution of a stochastic partial differential equation, P. Sundar

Submissions from 2003


The Cayley-Hamilton and Frobenius theorems via the Laplace transform, William A. Adkins and Mark G. Davidson


Partitioning into graphs with only small components, Noga Alon, Guoli Ding, Bogdan Oporowski, and Dirk Vertigan

On the inversion of the Laplace and Abel transforms for causal symmetric spaces, Nils Byrial Andersen, Gestur Ólafsson, and Henrik Schlichtkrull


Multiplicative renormalization and generating functions I, Nobuhiro Asai, Izumi Kubo, and Hui Hsiung Kuo

Segal-Bargmann transforms of one-mode interacting Fock spaces associated with Gaussian and Poisson measures, Nobuhiro Asai, Izumi Kubo, and Hui Hsiung Kuo

Seiberg-Witten invariants, orbifolds, and circle actions, Scott Jeremy Baldridge


Design-dependent loads in topology optimization, Blaise Bourdin and Antonin Chambolle


Design-dependent loads in topology optimization, Blaise Bourdin and Antonin Chambolle

An additive Schwarz preconditioner for the FETI method, Susanne C. Brenner

Analysis of two-dimensional FETI-DP preconditioners by the standard additive Schwarz framework, Susanne C. Brenner

Poincaré-Friedrichs inequalities for piecewise H1 functions, Susanne C. Brenner

Lower bounds for three-dimensional nonoverlapping domain decomposition algorithms, Susanne C. Brenner and Qingmi He

Multigrid methods for the computation of singular solutions and stress intensity factors III: Interface singularities, Susanne C. Brenner and Li Yeng Sung


On series-parallel extensions of uniform matroids, Brahim Chaourar and James Oxley


Differential recursion relations for Laguerre functions on Hermitian matrices, Mark Davidson and Gestur Ólafsson


Laplace and Segal-Bargmann transforms on Hermitian symmetric spaces and orthogonal polynomials, Mark Davidson, Gestur Ólafsson, and Genkai Zhang


Packing cycles in graphs, II, Guoli Ding, Zhenzhen Xu, and Wenan Zang


Regularization of integral equations in spaces of distributions, Ricardo Estrada


The nonexistence of regularization operators, Ricardo Estrada

The continuous wavelet transform and symmetric spaces, R. Fabec and G. Ólafsson


Hardy spaces for non-compactly causal symmetric spaces and the most continuous spectrum, Simon Gindikin, Bernhard Krötz, and Gestur Ólafsson


Unitary representations and theta correspondence for type I classical groups, Hongyu He

Cohomology of the boundary of Siegel modular varieties of degree two, with applications, J. William Hoffman and Steven H. Weintraub


Riemann and Edalat integration on domains, Jimmie D. Lawson and Bin Lu

Maximal classes of topological spaces and domains determined by function spaces, Jimmie D. Lawson and Luoshan Xu


When does the class [A→B] consist of continuous domains?, Jimmie D. Lawson and Luoshan Xu

On removable cycles through every edge, Manoel Lemos and James Oxley


On the minor-minimal 3-connected matroids having a fixed minor, Manoel Lemos and James Oxley

Configurations of nonlinear materials with electric fields that minimize Lp norms, R. Lipton


Assessment of the local stress state through macroscopic variables, Robert P. Lipton


Optimization of Resonances in Photonic Crystal Slabs, Robert P. Lipton, Stephen P. Shipman, and Stephanos Venakides


The Betti numbers of some finite racks, R. A. Litherland and Sam Nelson

Further results on the Bellman equation for optimal control problems with exit times and nonnegative Lagrangians, Michael Malisoff

Louisiana Conference on Mathematical Control Theory, Michael A. Malisoff

Remarks on Input to State Stabilization, Michael Malisoff, Ludovic Rifford, and Eduardo Sontag


The structure of a 3-connected matroid with a 3-separating set of essential elements, James Oxley

Performance specification of time-temperature integrators designed to protect against botulism in refrigerated fresh foods, B. A. Welt, D. S. Sage, and K. L. Berger

Pseudozeros of multivariate polynomials, J. William Hoffman, James J. Madden, and Hong Zhang

Submissions from 2002

Convergence of the multigrid V-cycle algorithm for second-order boundary value problems without full elliptic regularity, Susanne C. Brenner

Smoothers, mesh dependent norms, interpolation and multigrid, Susanne C. Brenner

Laguerre polynomials, restriction principle, and holomorphic representations of SL(2, ℝ), Mark Davidson, Gestur Ólafsson, and Genkai Zhang


On interval clutters, Guoli Ding


Packing cycles in graphs, Guoli Ding and Wenan Zang


Unavoidable minors of graphs of large type, John Dittmann and Bogdan Oporowski

Some Tauberian theorems for Schwartz distributions, Ricardo Estrada

How singular functions define distributions, Ricardo Estrada and S. A. Fulling


Totally free expansions of matroids, James Geelen, James Oxley, Dirk Vertigan, and Geoff Whittle


On matroids of branch-width three, Rhiannon Hall, James Oxley, Charles Semple, and Geoff Whittle


Compactification of classical groups, Hongyu He


The c-function for non-compactly causal symmetric spaces, Bernhard Krötz and Gestur Ólafsson

Diagonalization of the Lévy Laplacian and related stable processes, Hui Hsiung Kuo, Nobuaki Obata, and Kimiaki Saitô


Relaxation through homogenization for optimal design problems with gradient constraints, R. Lipton


Design of functionally graded composite structures in the presence of stress constraints, Robert Lipton

Design of functionally graded composite structures for control of stress, Robert Lipton and Ani Velo


Chapter 23 Optimal design of gradient fields with applications to electrostatics, Robert Lipton and Ani P. Velo

Viscosity solutions of the Bellman equation for exit time optimal control problems with vanishing Lagrangians, Michael Malisoff

Viscosity solutions of the Bellman equation for infinite horizon optimal control problems with negative instantaneous costs, Michael Malisoff

Viscosity solutions of the Bellman equation for perturbed optimal control problems with exit times, Michael Malisoff


Non-semisimple Hopf algebras of dimension p2, Siu Hung Ng

Partitioning matroids with only small cocircuits, Bogdan Oporowski


Infinite antichains of matroids with characteristic set {p}, James Oxley, Charles Semple, Dirk Vertigan, and Geoff Whittle

Chromatic, flow and reliability polynomials: The complexity of their coefficients, James Oxley and Dominic Welsh


Group actions on central simple algebras, Daniel S. Sage

Submissions from 2001


The itô table of the square of white noise, Luigi Accardi, Takeyuki Hida, and Hui Hsiung Kuo

A paley-wiener theorem for the spherical laplace transform on causal symmetric spaces of rank 1, Nils Byrial Andersen and Gestur Ólafsson

Roles of log-concavity, log-convexity, and growth order in white noise analysis, Nobuhiro Asai, Izumi Kubo, and Hui Hsiung Kuo


Seiberg-Witten invariants of 4-manifolds with free circle actions, Scott Baldridge


A note on doubles of groups, Nadia Benakli, Oliver T. Dasbach, Yair Glasner, and Brian Mangum

Some nonstandard finite element estimates with applications to 3D poisson and Signorini problems, Faker Ben Beegacem and Susanne C. Brenner


Causal compactification and Hardy spaces for spaces of Hermitian type, Frank Betten and Gestur Ólafsson

Filters in topology optimization, Blaise Bourdin

Quantum morphing and the Jones polynomial, Oliver T. Dasbach, Thang D. Le, and Xiao Song Lin


The Bennequin number of n-trivial closed n-braids is negative, Oliver T. Dasbach and Lin Xiao-Song

Spanning trees with many leaves, Guoli Ding, Thor Johnson, and Paul Seymour


Totally ordered commutative monoids, K. Evans, M. Konikoff, J. J. Madden, R. Mathis, and G. Whipple

Nonvanishing of a certain sesquilinear form in the theta correspondence, Hongyu He

Lie theory and its applications in control, U. Helmke, K. Hüper, and J. Lawson

Four dimensional symplectic geometry over the field with three elements and a moduli space of abelian surfaces, J. W. Hoffman and S. H. Weintraub

Spherical functions on mixed symmetric spaces, Bernhard Krötz, Karl Hermann Neeb, and Gestur Ólafsson

The geometric mean, matrices, metrics, and more, Jimmie D. Lawson and Yongdo Lim

A sharp bound on the size of a connected matroid, Mangel Lemos and James Oxley

Reiforcement of elastic structure in the presence of imperfect interfacial bonding, R. Lipton

Reinforcement of elastic structures in the presence of imperfect bonding, R. Lipton

Effect of interfacial bonding on fiber reinforced shafts subject to antiplane shear, Robert Lipton

Optimal bounds on field fluctuations for random composites: Three dimensional problems, Robert Lipton

Optimal inequalities for gradients of solutions of elliptic equations occurring in two-phase heat conductors, Robert Lipton

Bounds for the effective conductivity of a composite with an imperfect interface, R. Lipton and D. R.S. Talbot


Viscosity solutions of the bellman equation for exit time optimal control problems with non-lipschitz dynamics, Michael Malisoff


On the Meromorphic Extension of the Spherical Functions on Noncompactly Causal Symmetric Spaces, G. Ólafsson and A. Pasquale

Submissions from 2000

Bell numbers, log-concavity, and log-convexity, Nobuhiro Asai, Izumi Kubo, and Hui Hsiung Kuo

Weak convergence of interacting SDEs to the superprocess, A. Bose and P. Sundar

Numerical experiments in revisited brittle fracture, B. Bourdin, G. A. Francfort, and J. J. Marigo

Implementation of an adaptive finite-element approximation of the Mumford-Shah functional, Blaise Bourdin and Antonin Chambolle

Discrete Sobolev and Poincare inequalities via Fourier series, S. C. Brenner and L. Y. Sung


Lower bounds for two-level additive schwarz preconditioners with small overlap, Susanne C. Brenner

Lower bounds for nonoverlapping domain decomposition preconditioners in two dimensions, Susanne C. Brenner and Li Yeng Sung

On the combinatorial structure of primitive Vassiliev invariants, III - A lower bound, Oliver T. Dasbach

Optimal material layout in three-dimensional elastic structures subjected to multiple loads, Alejandro R. Diaz and Robert Lipton