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“Outside Inside Out” is a study of how the visual perspective of an installation design can be used to create interaction, animation, and multiple messages. Traditionally, graphic designers have tended to present their messages either as flat printed materials, such as newspapers and billboards, or as videos/animations on television and the Internet. While both of these mediums provide an adequate means to convey a message, they fall short in presenting information to the audience in a non-obtrusive, interactive form. By using a technique I developed called “Passive Interactivity,” designers can use a viewer’s visual perspective to create interaction, animation, and multiple messages based upon a viewer’s physical relationship to the printed material. By utilizing this form of communication, designers are able to engage viewers visually and intellectually by making them active participant in the design. Using the technique of “Passive Interactivity” to discuss the subject of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), I will be exploring the emotional struggles faced in social encounters by those with SAD. With this installation, the subject matter and the dichotomy of perspective will bring the audience into the mind of one with SAD.



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