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This study aims is to discover the best methods for geometry students to master proof writing. Students who are taught how to write proofs in a traditional setting find proofs to be very difficult - struggling throughout the school year writing proofs on their own. Studies have been conducted regarding the use of dynamic geometry software in proof writing. To further study the effects of proof writing using dynamic geometry software, forty-eight freshmen students enrolled in an honors geometry course at a high performing suburban high school in Louisiana were given several proofs to complete, along with self-reflection surveys. During phase one of this research, twenty-four students were allowed to use Geometer’s Sketchpad (GSP) while writing their proofs, while the other twenty-four students were using only paper and pencil to explore the figure involved in the proof. During phase two of testing, the control and experimental groups swapped places to uphold the equality standards of the course. Student self-reflection surveys show that some students enjoy writing proofs when using GSP, while others are indifferent. Along with the student surveys, the present study is an analysis of student work from those who had access to GSP to improve proof writing skills.



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