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Storage devices can be used in a power gird to store the excess energy when the energy production is high and the demand is low and utilize the stored energy when the produced energy cannot meet the high demands of the consumers. This thesis represents a micro grid consisting of a conventional synchronous generator, as well as renewable energy sources, energy storage, and loads in order to investigate the effective energy flow control and transient stability improvement by employing thermal storage. Thermal storage, unlike electrical one (such as battery) is more environmental friendly, has longer life span, and is more effective in power flow control. In this thesis, resistive and heat pump type thermal storage are proposed and its stability effects on micro grids are evaluated. A suitable model is developed for the thermal storage and the grid’s stability analysis is adopted by using linearization methods. Consequently, by designing an optimal controller for the storage the stability of the micro grid is improved as verified through the simulations.



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Mehraeen, Shahab