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The Rolling Wheel Deflectometer (RWD) is capable of measuring pavement deflection at high speeds without traffic interruption or compromising safety along tested road segments. To optimize the use of RWD at the network level, an assessment tool is needed to incorporate RWD data into current Pavement Management System (PMS) and to identify pavements in need of maintenance or rehabilitation. The objective of this study is to present the development of a screening tool, referred to as the pavement assessment triangular model, to predict pavement overall conditions based on RWD deflection, roughness measurements, and surface conditions as described by the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). Formulation of the proposed tool and its application were based on data collected during evaluation and testing of RWD in Louisiana. The relationship among SN, deflections and pavement distresses were also investigated to better understand the screening tool. Based on the analysis presented in this study, the proposed pavement assessment triangular model may be used at the network level to identify deficient pavement sections.



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Elseifi, Mostafa