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A two stage PROX reactor with micro heat exchangers was designed, built, and tested to demonstrate the ability to control the temperature in the reactor and improve PROX performance in terms of CO conversion and selectivity. The gas stream was composed of 40% H2, 1% CO, 9% CO2, 0.5% O2, and 49.5% Ar. Metal foams were used to support a 5 wt% Pt/0.5 wt% Fe/γ-Al2O3 catalyst. Two sections of foam catalyst were used with heat exchangers positioned before and after each section. The resulting axial temperature profile of the gas stream showed an expected temperature rise in the catalyst beds and a sudden drop in the heat exchangers. The heat exchangers were successful in reducing the gas temperature to within 4 °C of the coolant fluid at gas stream linear velocities of 60 cm/sec over a 3 mm axial distance when the upstream gas temperature was over 250 °C greater than that of the coolant. Results consistently showed an improvement in CO selectivity due to the efficient removal of heat.



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