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The purpose of this study is to identify the effect of spiritual support on Alzheimer’s caregiver’s perceived burden. This study will examine the relationship between spiritual support and burden among Alzheimer’s caregivers. The collection of data was accomplished by a packet of surveys mailed to Alzheimer’s caregivers. For this study the population is separated and difficult to survey as a whole, therefore, a smaller cluster sample is surveyed from a specific organization. The global score of the burden measure is negatively correlated with the global score of the Spiritual Support Scale. In this study, spiritual support is not the sole reason for perceived burden to be low; rather, spiritual support causes a more positive outlook on the burden, triggering the caregivers to report lower levels of perceived burden. A social worker must be confident in the knowledge of supports used by clients and how to accommodate each client in achieving the ability to cope with stress when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.



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