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This study was designed to identify an optimal strategy for increasing high school students’ mastery of science material, by comparing an approach that has been identified as effective in enhancing student learning to an approach commonly used in high school classrooms. Over the course of the 2014/15 school year, the investigator compared two different techniques commonly employed to enhance student understanding. Students in a traditional 10th grade physical science class and students in an honors 10th grade physical science class acted as both the control and experiment groups. The investigator provided a pre-test to determine the students’ prior knowledge of the content. The investigator then proceeded with frequent quizzing or class review at the beginning of the class to test students on the information covered the previous day. After all content was presented, the investigator provided a post-test to measure the amount of knowledge gained throughout the study and determine which, if either, method helped the most. For all chapters for both classes, frequent quizzing led to the same or significantly higher student learning gains.



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