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This study employed the Defining Issues Test (DIT) to complete the analysis and comparison of the moral development of mass communication students, specifically those who major in advertising and journalism. The DIT is an instrument based on Kohlberg’s moral development theory and is a device for assessing the extent to which a person has developed his or her moral schemas. Results indicate no statistically significant difference in levels of moral development between sampled students majoring in journalism and advertising; no difference in levels of moral development between students who have and have not completed a course in media ethics; and no difference in moral development between students who have or do not have professional media experience. This finding argues that despite the large differences found in the moral development of journalism and advertising professionals, the students sampled are similarly morally developed. The findings also argue that if the goal of mass communication programs is to increase the moral development of students, the programs could benefit from reassessing media ethics education and media internship opportunities.



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