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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation

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The population for this qualitative study were 10 families who participated in showing a heifer at the 2022 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo during the junior heifer show weekend. The families were all from Texas. This study examined why parents allow their children to participate in showing cattle using a case study design. The study was grounded in human capital theory. Interviews and observations were used for the study’s findings. Results showed that the children who showed beef cattle learned responsibility, interpersonal skills, character development, and hard work.

Future research topics include further case studies using the same methodology for other extracurricular junior programs to evaluate similar responses given by parents who participate in events like Boy and Girl Scouts, cheerleading, and a variety of sports. Furthermore, it is recommended that an intensive study on the ethics of show judges be completed to evaluate the views of not only parents and participants but educational leaders, show management, and judges themselves to determine if they are similar or different.



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Blackburn, Joey