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Just as the growth of Personal computer, Mobile phones and Automobiles took place in last 3 decades, the personal robotics industry still in its nascent stage, is heading in the same direction. This thesis explores the concept of customizable household robots (CHR) in the robotics community. An attempt has been made to design a customizable robot by extending the 2 wheel differential drive kinematic model to 4 wheel independent differential drive kinematic model. A framework for CHR is developed which will be able to do various household repetitive tasks. Just as we can assemble a PC by buying its individual components, in the same way in near future we should be able to assemble a robot at home to do specific/multiple tasks. This thesis presents the kinematic modeling and 3D design of CHR agBot, agBot is a 4 wheel independently driven solar powered robot. It weighs approximately 25 lbs. It is equipped with various sensors like compass, ultrasonic, GPS, and vision. To validate the concept of customizable household robot, lawn maintenance module and security module have been implemented.



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S. Sitharama Iyengar