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Summer 2019


Master of Music (MM)



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Phoenix for Orchestra consists of three movements of Life, Death, and Rebirth each presenting specific thematic and rhythmic elements. A variety of modes and textures are presented to depict mythology of the legendary bird phoenix as a tone poem. The first movement, Life, comprises five sections labeled as Sky, Sun, Beauty, Dignity, and Immortality. Each section features specific motives, structures, and textures. The second movement, Death, consists of three sections labeled as Fire, Destruction, and Grief and is based on the twelve-tone and whole tone collections. The third movement, Rebirth, comprises three sections labeled as Transformation, Renewal, and Immortality. The repetition of Immortality in the third movement and at the end of the work highlights immortality as the most significant characteristic of the mythical bird phoenix.

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Dinos Constantinides

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