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May 2019


Master of Arts (MA)



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Writing is a fundamental skill that is essential for students’ academic success. In fact, students with writing difficulties are shown to have lower academic achievement and reduced likelihood of college acceptance (Graham & Perin, 2007). Writing fluency is a crucial component in the development of writing abilities, as it allows for the development of higher-order writing skills (Bloom, 1986, Binder, Haughton & Bateman, 2002). Limited research exists of interventions targeted specially for writing fluency; however, performance feedback procedures have been shown as effective (Hier & Eckert, 2016). Literature suggests the skills of reading and writing share similar processes of learning (Nueman & Dickinson, 2001). The current study examines the impact of a writing intervention structured after the repeated reading intervention, incorporating a modeling component, on the writing fluency of elementary school students.

Committee Chair

Noell, George