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A torus-type permanent magnet brushless DC motor is the object of this thesis. The motor can operate with the winding connected either in two - phase or three - phase system. A comparative study of performance of the motor operating in these two systems is the objective of the thesis. To analyze the motor performance, the dynamic models of the motors operating with two - phase and three - phase motors have been proposed. The simulation of motor operation was carried out using the MATLAB/SIMULINK software package. A study of motors operation in steady state conditions has been done by applying simpler models which were based on brush DC motor equivalent circuit. It is observed that the electromechanical characteristics of these two motors are similar and the motor with three - phase winding has lesser quantity of torque ripples. Since the motors operating in the two types winding connection systems are supplied from voltage - type inverters, switching conditions have a significant influence on motor performance. This was also studied in the thesis project using the dynamic motor model. The results of this study show that by advancing the commutation angle, the efficiencies could be improved greatly.



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