Semester of Graduation

summer 2018


Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Anthropology

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This thesis studies Iranian student immigrants in the United States in the special political tensions between the two countries from 2000 until present. This research provides a holistic view of understanding the new identity which Iranian students have reconstructed at the intersection of Iranian culture and U.S. culture through their past identity in confronting a new situation. It describes how Iranian students use individual, intellectual, and social resources to deal with the ignorance was that imposed on them when the governments of the two countries began to fight each other to achieve more political power. Data is collected from three sources: interviews conducted by the researcher, interviews conducted by BBC Persian, and autoethnography. A middle range of discourse analysis is applied to analyze and interpret the Iranian students’ stories to discover who they are and what they have in the United States.



Committee Chair

Brody, Mary Jill