Semester of Graduation

May 2018


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


School of Art

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During the past three years as a graduate student, I have experienced loneliness. Having recently emigrated from Italy, I have often asked myself why I am experiencing such hard times adjusting to a different country. My thesis explores this question. Referring to Marc Augé’s idea of non-place, I have chosen a geographical and spatial starting point to approach my work. Italian cities are built around the central piazza where social, political, and economic life revolves. In my thesis, I depict American spaces that lack specific location and create solitude within the urban corridors. Private feelings, such as loneliness, are paradoxes that we all share, no matter where we come from. I attempt to engage with people, breaking the cultural barriers of speaking a different language. In my videos, I wander “in-between spaces,” to symbolize my experience of loneliness as a foreigner.



Committee Chair

Ostrenko, Frederick