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Main Line was developed as a 20-minute solo performance piece by the influence of my graduate training at Louisiana State University’s M.F.A. acting program. The writing and the performance of this project served as a graduation requirement as well professional experience and exploration of my personal aesthetics of storytelling, actors craft, production design, and independent theatre making. This thesis acts like a guide to my process of devising theatre. I was inspired and determined to produce work that was meaningful, political, and entertaining. Main Line explores the narrative of black experiences within a New Orleans culture that centers the movement of Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs, The Jazz Funeral, Mardi Gras Indians, and Benevolent Societies. Chapter One explores narratives and key historical references that influenced my research and development process, and documents my rehearsal period. Chapter Two includes my working drafts and performance script; I will also analyze the shortcomings of the working draft and the constructive changes I made in the performance script. In Chapter Three, I will outline the performance process and include post-performance feedback from my peers, faculty, and the wider community. Finally, I will conclude with my reflections on solo performance, community theatre, and possibilities for my future development of the piece.



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