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The MU-Decoder is a hardware subset generator that finds use in partial reconfiguration of FPGAs and in numerous other applications. It is capable of generating a set S of subsets of a large set Z_n with n elements. If the subsets in S satisfy the “isomorphic totally- ordered property”, then the MU-Decoder works very efficiently to produce a set of u subsets in O(log n) time and Θ(n √u log n) gate cost. In contrast, a vain approach requires Θ(un) gate cost. We show that this low cost for the MU-Decoder can be achieved without the isomorphism constraint, thereby allowing S to include a much wider range of subsets. We also show that if additional constraints on the relative sizes of the subsets in S can be placed, then u subsets can be generated with Θ(n √u) cost. This uses a new hardware enhancement proposed in this thesis. Finally, we show that by properly selecting S and by using some elements of traditional methods, a set of Θ (un^log( log (n/log n))) subsets can be produced with Θ(n √u) cost.



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Vaidyanathan, Ramachandran