Semester of Graduation

Spring 2018


Master of Science in Engineering Science (MSES)


Engineering Science

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Medium to large diameter carbon steel pipes are widely used in various applications such as gas and fluid transportation, tunnels construction and building construction. Based on manufacturing techniques and characteristics, they are mainly categorized into three categories: Seamless pipe, Butt-welded pipe and Spiral pipe. The forming of butt-welded and spiral pipe is often performed by a technique called 3-roller bending. While traditional trial-and-error method is costly, the geometry complexity, along with material nonlinearity makes exact theoretical analysis difficult unless heavy simplified assumptions are made. While the forming parameters in the 3-roller forming process of butt-welded pipe has been studied in multiple previous studies. The forming parameters of spiral pipe has rarely been studies. The object of this project is to find an analytical method to estimate the forming parameters of spiral welded pipe.



Committee Chair

Liao, T. Warren

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