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Large Eddy Simulation is used to study the interaction of a 35° inclined jet into a crossflow. Steady state cases, with a BR ranging from 0.150 to 1.2, are firstly examined to understand the dynamics of the flow field. Iso-surface of Laplacian of the pressure, vorticity contour and velocity fields highlight the presence of four main vortical structures: shear layer vortices, horse-shoes vortices, wake vortices and CRVP. Qualitative comparisons are performed between simulations and experiments. The dynamics of the flow field is next characterized by pulsing the jet. The studied pulsed cases have same low BR and duty cycle respectively fixed at 0.150 and 50%. The presence of a vortex ring which evolves into a leading hairpin vortex is observed at the pulse. Good qualitative agreement is obtained between the numerical and experimental results. Film cooling effectiveness, temperature contour and jet trajectory are extracted for both steady and pulsed cases. Overall, steady state cases provide better results in term of film cooling performance. POD is performed on steady and pulsed cases to obtain the dominant modes of the flow.



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Nikitopoulos, Dimitris