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This research used focus groups and usability testing to determine how a major land-grant university should design a Web site that would feature the community service work of faculty and staff, students and alumni, also referred to as stakeholders. University public relations professionals planned to launch an interactive Web site as part of the university’s sesquicentennial celebration in 2010, but had concerns that the Web site would not attract stakeholders. The research sought to answer the following questions based on uses and gratifications and impression management theories: What uses and gratifications, if any, do social networking sites provide stakeholders? Does the university create the impression of “service” among stakeholders? What would motivate stakeholders to visit and/or participate in an interactive Web site on university service? The research also determined whether the prototype Web site was easy to use. Findings from focus groups indicated that stakeholders did not connect community service with the university, and therefore, a Web site that features community service poses few uses and gratifications for stakeholders. Findings from usability tests found the prototype was easy to use.



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Lundy, Lisa