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ABSTRACT This thesis details the writing process, rehearsals and performance of the author‘s devised play, Joan: A Play With Broken Songs. The play aims to reimagine events occurring the evening before the death of French folk hero and Catholic Saint, Joan of Arc. The play exists in the moments between sleep and waking, in which Joan is visited by her own patron Saints (Margaret and Catherine,) as well as the Archangel Michael. The Saints then guide Joan through the dreamscape revealing to her images of the past, present, and future that allow her to come to peace with the sacrifice she will soon make. The piece is presented in an abstracted reality that supported the author’s artistic aesthetic by incorporating forms of dance, movement, percussion, and spiritual music, which were heavily influenced by the landscape and eclectic nature of life in Louisiana. The script was devised by LSU’s M.F.A. Acting ensemble as a collaborative project that featured the core ensemble of eight actors as well as two undergraduate performers and three undergraduate technicians. The challenges and difficulties throughout the writing and performance process are detailed: theoretical and practical implications are examined, and a written copy of the script is included.



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