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Minority and other race recruitment have become a significant part of general recruitment efforts at many predominantly white institutions (PWIs) and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Despite increased efforts, some universities have not been successful at increasing diversity on campus. This study relies on the use of in-depth interviews to document, describe and understand the similar and differing characteristics of minority and other race recruitment tactics being used at PWIs and HBCUs. The researcher conducted interviews at four public institutions of higher education; two of which are HBCUs, and two of which are PWIs. The researcher also sought to determine if the universities in the study created their recruiting techniques as a self-presentation tactic. The findings of this study reveal that although similarities exist in general recruitment practices at PWIs and HBCUs, many recruiters and university administrators note the necessity to approach prospective minority and other race students differently than majority students. Secondly, findings suggest negative perceptions of institutions may hinder minority recruitment efforts. Findings also suggest that the universities are putting forth effort in attempts to overcome this problem; therefore, this study supports the idea that universities practice self-presentation in efforts to overcome negative images and poor minority enrollment.



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