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Inter- An Evolving Installation is an interactive site specific installation designed and constructed in the School of Art Gallery at Louisiana State University. This installation explores the interplay between the ideas of order and change by presenting the visitor with a very structured environment that by nature of its design and materials changes with each footstep. Sand, granulated carbon, and clay cover the floor of the gallery in a geometric pattern inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence and Buddhist sand paintings. As a person enters the installation it immediately changes from its original design simply through disturbance by the visitor's footsteps in the sand. The visitor is faced with the decision to walk carefully leaving minimal impact or allow oneself to change the installation as much as desired by actively manipulating the materials. When the visitor exits, the installation is left in a new state of order, and this process is repeated with each subsequent person that enters. Inter- An Evolving Installation was open for visiting from August 24 through September 3, 2004. Each day the installation changed, slowly at first, then very quickly on the last day of the exhibition. In the end, the deliberate geometric design of its beginnings was no longer recognizable, demonstrating the evolving relationship between order and change.



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