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This thesis seeks to understand how the level of globalization affects the public opinion towards globalization. The reviewed literature traces the history of the most significant developments of the current global capital system as well as the public opinion literature which discusses relevant issues pertaining to the subject. Since globalization is highly correlated with modernization, much of the literature will involve examination of modernization as well as its critics. To test the presented hypotheses, Pew’s Global Attitudes Project Survey 2010 was used. The question used as the basis of the dependent variable asks if the respondent believes increasing business and trade between the respondent’s nation and the world was very good, somewhat good, somewhat bad, or very bad. The results provide evidence that the level of globalization a nation experiences changes how the nation’s public views this phenomenon. Interestingly, while the level of globalization has a positive effect on public opinion, the levels of political and economic globalization have negative impacts upon the dependent variable. Additionally, a robustness model bore similar results.



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