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Obesity is one of the most pressing public health concerns in Louisiana. There are numerous reasons believed to be major contributors to the obesity epidemic, one of which is dietary habits. The purpose of this study was to investigate and identify the dietary patterns of southern Louisiana residents. A self administered, semi-quantitative questionnaire was used. Subjects (n=308) were recruited from Louisiana State University (LSU). Results suggested that it is possible to describe the dietary patterns of a southern Louisiana population. Compared to whites, the percentage of African Americans who were served or consumed fried fish, rice, red beans and rice, and fried chicken was significantly higher. Men were more likely to have consumed or been served fried chicken, hamburgers, steak, and meatloaf compared to women. The most frequently consumed or served foods included breakfast cereal, luncheon meat sandwiches, spaghetti, vegetables, baked chicken and wild game meat. Results from this study could be used to develop diets, nutrition education material, and interventions that are tailored specifically to this region.



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