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The photographs in my thesis sit between these two movements, leaning more towards the contemporary ideas that were generated by the New Topographic Movement. On one hand, they are similar to the traditional photographs of the landscape, in the way they depict a place of organic beauty. They present a panorama that serves as a poignant reminder of the natural world that demands our respect and appreciation for what it has to offer. At the same time, this cannon of imagery contains man, or a visual representation of man, and his efforts. My pictures are not an outsider's observation of man's influence on the topography, they are all directly related to me and my experience on this nearly 500-acre space. This is a study of my family's home, of my family's existence, of my family's influence and of altering the land. Moreover, it shows how the land tilted our actions. It is meant to suggest the idea of man and nature coexisting in some kind peace. These photographs are new topographic landscapes that document the history of my family, our land, and how the two, like a river winding, have organized the treatment of the other.



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