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The Direction We Grow is a composition for orchestra, solo soprano, and choir. It is a summation of the compositional knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout my undergraduate and graduate programs at LSU. The piece reflects my compositional style, which is characterized by rich melody and complex rhythm. With sweeping melodic motives, climactic builds, and percussive coloration, the piece incorporates characteristics of the Classical, Romantic, and Impressionistic musical periods. The piece is palindromic in structure. It builds upon a simple, celestial one-note motive and introduces new melodic patterns until it finally morphs into a steady, percussive section. The section builds to a grand climax at the center of the piece, and then falls back into another more tumultuous percussive section. The tension releases as the piece returns to the opening one-note motive. Melodically and harmonically, the piece is tonal, with frequent use of sevenths and ninths and occasional use of dissonant chords and clusters in the percussive sections. The style of The Direction We Grow is a literal product of my work and development as a composition student in the LSU music department over the last six years.



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