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Chronophobia is the fear of time—characterized by panic, anxiety, and claustrophobia. Also known as prison neurosis, it may be the most common anxiety disorder in prison inmates. Sooner or later, almost all prisoners suffer chronophobia to some degree and become terrified by the duration and immensity of time. This is often called going “stir crazy.” The work in this installation subjectively explores interpretations of the passage of time through various multimedia experiences. Interactivity is a key feature of several installation components. There is also limited use of traditional print media graphics. References to time in music, literature and film are incorporated typographically as well as audibly and visually, while non-interactive motion graphics are represented through digital video. All of the work utilizes appropriated images and sound as well as original material. The prison and being-a-prisoner scenarios certainly present powerful literal images for interpretation. However, chronophobia is used here as a metaphor for other skewed perceptions of time present in the lives of ordinary, non-prisoner individuals. Influences for the work come from various twentieth-century video artists, filmmakers, and graphic designers, with an emphasis on surrealism.



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