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Fantasy art is often described as being connected to the imagination. My work defines fantasy themes in combination with modern culture and real life experiences. During the creative process I have overcome a struggle with composition development and color relationships. Paintings mimic a puzzle strategy. I come up with a basic idea by inserting and taking away imagery in order for the whole image to be cohesive. Subject matter includes women of different cultures in dress, animals, pattern, sweets, and childhood experiences from the 80’s. My characters are a personification of myself as I often dream of being dressed up in a distant place. All paintings are large, stretching from floor to ceiling. Color concept was based on the theme initially written before the drawing was started. I work in layers, first with a written idea, then proceeding with a drawing and several layers of painting. All 3-D forms are based off the paintings that include cut paper, T-shirt wrapped pillows, collections of fantasy figures and toys from the 80’s that I‘ve been collecting since I was a child.



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