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For decades, South Louisiana has been battling with flood risk. The area has been inundated with flood waters several times, whether it is due to tropical weather, strong rainfall events, or rising waters. This has resulted in millions of dollars in damages, and in some instances, the same home has been affected multiple times. Many agree that South Louisiana is just not a livable area to begin with; the risk is just too great. However, abandoning the area is simply not an option. As a result, the flood risk battle ensues. How much risk are we talking about? The Federal Emergency Management Agency maintains a set of flood maps showing which areas have been determined to be within the 100-year floodplain. However, these maps are not always very accurate. Using a geographical information system, one can compare locations of past flood claims against the flood zone maps. Additionally, hydrologic models from previous storms occurring in the watershed can be thrown into the GIS mix. This study will determine true risk to communities within South Louisiana by comparing existing flood zone maps against locations of past flood claims and against hydrologic models.



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