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Cogeneration (or Combined Heat and Power) continues to gain importance in power production because of its high efficiency, environmental friendliness, and flexibility. Louisiana State University (LSU) recently began operation of a new 20 MW cogeneration system. This new facility can serve as a useful learning tool for chemical and mechanical engineering students throughout their education at LSU. The goal of this project is to develop educational modules utilizing the cogeneration system which have industrial significance. Educational modules will include: a comparison of ideal gas versus real gas thermodynamics for a cogeneration optimization problem, a cogeneration data reconciliation problem, and a system level energy management optimization problem. The modules will be solved using Microsoft Excel as a solution platform to help promote wide spread use. The energy management strategy accounts for seasonal and time of day operating strategies. The optimal operating strategy is compared to current operating strategies to determine the most economical and most efficient methods of operating the LSU utility system. The new operating strategies can offer significant potential savings.



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