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This thesis explores the urban landscape of Baton Rouge through the eyes of the children. It seeks to understand the affect that planning and design decisions have on the lives of the children and the way that children perceive their urban environment. By examining the way others have studied the urban space I develop my own approach of exploring cities and understanding the urban life. Originally, I conduct informal observations in the study area and I generate my questions relating to the spatiality of the children. Secondly, I research to find possible design and planning decisions that may explain or justify the construction of the urban landscape as it is presented today, and specifically the presence of the urban boundaries. At the end, through children’s drawings and their words, I explore the way children understand the urban boundaries and the way these boundaries influence their spatiality. The evaluation of children’s perception of their urban environment stresses the importance that planning and design decisions and emphasizes designers’ power, through their work, in other people’s lives.



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