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This thesis deals with a systematic development of a method for predicting the temperature field in various domains subjected to oscillating heat sources on its boundaries using the Duhamel’s method. First a method is devised for single domain problems in both Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates for oscillating heat sources and also for unidirectional rotation of shafts in cylindrical coordinates. The analytically computed results for the problems in Cartesian coordinates compared favorably with the results from Finite Element Method, attesting to the validity of this novel approach. Later, the method is extended to predict the maximum temperature in oscillating Pin-Bushing mechanism, which is a multi domain problem in cylindrical coordinates. Finally, a parametric study on the Pin-Bushing mechanism is performed to derive a general non-dimensional equation for the steady state temperature rise in the system and the time it takes to attain steady state, involving various geometrical and operational parameters. This temperature model can be used to predict the onset of thermal galling in oscillating Pin-Bushing mechanism, temperatures in fretting contact and various other physical processes in which oscillation is involved.



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Michael M Khonsari