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American cities are facing unprecedented development pressures. Urban populations in particular are increasing and diversifying, land as a resource is becoming more valuable, and designers/developers are challenged to creatively maximize space for all land uses. As urban populations grow, space for burial of the dead may become limited thereby prompting communities to consider alternatives to traditional burial. The increase in numbers of cremation already points to this trend. In addition to the spatial limitation issues there also exist issues of social and cultural limitation. Ethnic diversity is rapidly increasing and within each group one finds different traditions and needs regarding burial and memorial. This diversity of trends is often ignored in cemeteries today. Considering the pressures for land in urban areas and the dramatically shifting demographic in the United States, it seems appropriate to reevaluate our use of all land including cemeteries. This thesis will explore fnctional considerations associated with burial, as well as other social needs in order to develop guidelines for efficient and socially responsive burial.



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