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This document investigates Louisiana State University’s progress in becoming a fully accessible campus, specifically in regard to student housing and the surrounding amenities such as laundry facilities, dining facilities and recreational areas. The benchmarks used for determining this include the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Universal Design Handbook and surveys of other campuses that have made greater strides in this area. This document seeks to determine the extent to which Louisiana State University has become accessible for wheelchair users and bring to light examples of areas of difficulty in the housing cluster area. Equally important in this document are issues of aesthetics and the consideration of the psychological ramifications of mandated architectural components such as ramps and curb cuts being placed in out of the way areas, thereby creating a hierarchical disadvantage for physically impaired users of the campus and lessening the quality of the overall experience. The overarching intention of this document is to provide a framework for improving accessibility in order to bring the entire university community together in fully accessible spaces.



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