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The purpose of the current study was to examine the effectiveness of group-based language-literacy training for child care workers. The first phase of the study followed a pre-post single group comparison design and involved 23 child care providers. The independent variable was the teacher training and the dependant variable was scores from a questionnaire. The second phase of the study involved a sub-group of four child care workers who received one-on-one follow up training after the group sessions. The questionnaire was administered a third time to the follow-up group. An analysis of the questionnaire items at pretest indicated that the teachers felt most knowledgeable and skilled with children’s speech and language development and less knowledgeable and skilled with their development of reading, although differences between items were not significant. Post-test scores were significantly higher than pretest scores, but scores did not continue to increase after the one-on-one training. The results of the current study suggest that group-based, language-literacy training can increase the knowledge and skill of child care providers.



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