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LSU SensorSimulator is a framework for simulating wireless sensor networks. It is a customizable and extendible simulator, which allows testing and analyzing software for wireless sensor networks. The users can subclass the framework classes and customize the behavior of various network layers. This subclassing gives a way to the developers an opportunity to analyze and investigate, phenomenological, networking, robustness and scaling issues, to explore arbitrary algorithms for distributed sensors, independent of hardware constraint. The results are compared against the simulation results for ns-2 for routing protocols Directed Diffusion and GEAR. Through the comparison of results for scalability, performance and memory utilization it is observed that LSU SensorSimulator performs much better. Buddy load sharing routing protocol is a routing protocol which can be combined with any geographically aware routing protocol to increase the network life and connectivity. The performance of Buddy load sharing algorithm for network life, and it is found that for a very negligible overhead the network life and connectivity and be improved by buddy load sharing.



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